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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Appointment with Dentist

I went to the dentist this morning because I was having some tooth sore last few days. Thinking that it might be inflamed gums or trapped food in the gums, I decided to get a dentist check on it to be safe.

My appointment was scheduled at 9:30am, I arrived at 9:45am and I was late because I could not find where the clinic was. Was my first time there, this dentist is recommended by my friend. Arriving there late, the 10 o’clock patient have arrived and the doctor was attending to her. She was there for about an hour or more and the 10:30am appointment has arrived too. So I decided to tell the nurse that I will go pay my bills and have my breakfast and return later.

Returning at 11:45am, there were more patients! Gosh! How many did I have to wait just to get my teeth clean? Well, guess that is the result of it for me being late.

Finally at 12:20pm, I get to see the dentist, a young looking and friendly dentist. He taught me a few things today. Like why do we need to use a medium or hard toothbrush if the plagues are soft? Why do you need to brush so hard if the plagues are soft and easily removed? Well, you see because I use a medium toothbrush and it caught me that I do brush hard sometimes; telling me that will only hurt the gums. Just because we want our teeth to be clean doesn’t mean we need to torture our gums. He does have a point (well from a dentist lol)! Not just that, he told me that we should not use any alcohol substance mouth wash because it will make the enamel on our teeth weak. I never knew mouth wash has alcohol substance in them.

So the dentist checked my teeth and he said “Your teeth are perfectly fine, except for some stains at the back (that can’t be remove mind you), a small filling at the side, you do not need any scaling or cleaning by me at all.” Lol? I was surprised! The first dentist that tells me that! He did tell me that my front teeth are slightly in danger claiming that it is sharper than normal teeth (I don’t know how to explain this, but like erm… normal tooth are rounded at the sides, but my are sharp and two tooth side by side is getting even at the bottom). I suspect it may have been me grinding my teeth when I sleep in which my previous dentist told me of (not like I know I grind my teeth, then hit me that when I was studying part-time, I had a few nights that I got awoken up by my own teeth grinding. So I guess it was that. Lol). He keeps thinking that I chew with my front teeth. I told him I don’t, I chew on my right mostly. So I told him it might be the teeth grinding when I am stress two years back. He advised me to go for stress management lol. I suggested an easier method! EXERCISING!

Well, so it means I waited form 10:00am to 12:30pm to see him and have him tell me my teeth are perfectly fine and getting some tips off him. I got charge RM20 for consultation fees.

Leaving the dentist I went to Guardian and purchased an alcohol-free mouthwash by Oral-B. Came home and threw my Listerine away that I haven’t use for some time lol because I hated it that it is burning in the mouth and before I could not even finish 30 seconds gargling, I expel it. Guess it was the alcohol that did it! Learnt something new today! Next change, my medium toothbrush to soft bristle toothbrush!

Three basic steps to maintaining a healthy set of teeth;

Step one, brushing; remember not to brush too hard until you bleed. That means it isn’t good.

Step two, flossing; is to remove any plague or trapped food between the teeth.

Step three, rinsing; using alcohol-free mouthwash will do the trick. The rest just burns because of the alcohol substance.

Have you done all the three basic steps today for your teeth?

Monday, May 25, 2009

Dinner at Bubba Gump

Saturday, 23rd May 2009;
I was out with my girlfriends in Sunway Pyramid. Had a long day of spending time together, chit-chatting and shopping. Though I did not managed to buy anything (except for a leather shoe cleaner) but it was a great day spent with them.

Had McDonald’s for breakfast; Sushi Zanmai for lunch. I did not take any pictures of the lunch session because I find that my entries have been filled with sushi lately.

Anyway, I am here to blog about the dinner we had. My friends and I went to Bubba Gump for dinner. Yep we patronize the restaurant again, this time bringing a first timer friend there.

We had ourselves smoothies, the other friend wasn’t feeling too good so all she had was warm water.
Lotsa Lava and Alabama Sweet Smoothie.Lotsa Lava was creamish sourish and Alabama Sweet Smoothie was very peanutty sweet. I love the peanut butter taste in the smoothie but it was far too sweet for me.

Having cravings for their dip, I ordered their Bubba’s Far Out Dip.This time, eating just this was filling!

My friend ordered their Old Fashioned New England Clam Chowder.Thinking the cup might be too little for her, she ordered the bowl and she couldn’t finish it in the end. I did not try this as I was afraid I might be allergic to it. I don’t know what kind of clams they use, so I didn’t risk it.

Another friend ordered their Shrimper’s Heaven.It sure is heaven; for a shrimp eater. Shrimps cooked in four different styles. I enjoyed their Chilly Shrimp with their mango lime dip (I think that is what the dip is called lol. That was how it tasted anyway). Their Coconut Shrimp at first bite was yummy, but chewing along it was bland in my opinion. Fried Shrimp tasted like fried chicken but just with shrimp. I didn’t take the Tempura Shrimp, I was too full.

Second visit to Bubba Gump and still willing to go back again next time! When I do, I will make sure I order something else… Must resist from craving for their dip.

Sorry about the lousy picture taking this time round. I was too tired after the whole day of walking around Sunway Pyramid and kinda lost the mood in snapping pictures. I didn't want to take them pictures at first even lol. But yet had this side saying I should. So since one side said "I am tired no..." the other side said "Go ahead you know you want to" so I ended up taking lousy pictures. My Apologies that the food don't look so appetizing.

Friday, May 22, 2009


The rest of the days in Singapore weren’t really much to shout about. I was spending my time at home mostly because I didn’t feel like going out so we mostly had local food that I forgot to take any of the pictures. Apologies.

4th May 2009, Monday;

I went out for an interview near Bugis and after the interview, we went to Bugis Junction. This place have changed a lot since the last time my friends and I were there (Pikey, Caren and Chloe). The food court is no longer downstairs but the glass elevator I took from where we ate last time is still there (Picture of Glass Elevator can be found at entry : "A Hop to 2006 in Singapore"). Only except I can longer view it from the front but only the side (that or I did not go and try lol).

We walked around the place for some time and can’t decide what to have for lunch. Finally remembering Cest La Vie KL telling me about Ministry Of Food in Bugis Junction in which Cest La Vie KL blogged about it too. So we searched for it and finally found it. We saw their slogan “A Casual Japanese Restaurant and Café” or something along that line. We flipped through the menu and saw the prices. Not really a casual dining price in my opinion. We did more walking around to see if there were any other places we could have lunch. But being me, I wanted to try it since my friend recommended it too. So we went back to MoF.

The ambience is nice.
Love the setting of the place! So relaxing.

The self-serve tea with tealight candle to keep it warm.No it isn’t like our “Bak Kut Teh” restaurants here where we have to pour in hot water ourselves. They bring us the tea and refills them up for us. Tealight candle is just to keep the tea warm. A very good idea.

Picture of the tealight candle.Artistic huh? Not taken by me lol. My fiancé took this picture.

Mejajiki Sashimi.Oh yes I love raw swordfish so much that I have to eat it again. Never get bored of the sweet taste. Yummy~

Sake Sashimi.Can’t resist not ordering raw salmon now can we.

They serve the sashimi on shaved ice to keep it fresh and cold. Another good idea!

Salmon Salad with Special Sauce.This was delicious. The sauce is very nice and with fresh raw salmon and salads. Yummy.

Salmon Mango Sushi.This was something unique. The mango and salmon blends very well and was refreshingly delicious. Especially since mango is my favorite fruit.

Tamago Stuffed with Plum Rice.The tamago is delicious and again confirms the passing grade for the chef on this. Though I find the plum rice not too plum-py in taste, but it is a yummy try(something I have not seen in KL before). It would be much nicer if the plum rice has more plum taste in my opinion.

Noodle Bento Set.My fiancé ordered this. Together with the noodles are varieties of sushi and sashimi.

Complimentary Tea.They will give you a coupon at the end of the meal with your bill for a complimentary tea or coffee. It can be redeem on the spot. Don’t even have to wait for the next visit.

Sorry I don’t have all the Japanese names for the food for this entry. I can’t remember them anymore lol.

I didn’t know MoF was a Japanese restaurant, yea I didn’t realized it eventhough I read my friend’s blog entry on it lol until I went there myself. I don't recall how much did all this cost us too. S$50-60? Not sure. But have to say it wasn't something of backpackers' style budget food. Though it is like our ala-carte sushi here because for two person it would cost us about RM60-80, so if you're earning Singapore Dollars (base on 1 for 1) the price is reasonable (if I guessed the total bill correctly).

Most of their sushi styles are something I have not seen in KL before, so definitely worth the try (at least once lol).

Well, this entry completes my trip to Singapore in May 2009. Hope you all enjoyed the food tour.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Coffee, Tea or Me?

After the Minori session on Friday evening last few weeks ago…1st May 2009;

All of us decided to go grab some dessert because Minori doesn’t offer any. We thought of going to the bakery downstairs, but during that time of 10:00pm it was preparing to close. So we walked out to the opposite to The Pier @ Robertson to look for a place with air-conditioning to be in. We finally decided on The Coffee Connoisseur. My friend "Cest La Vie KL", recommended me this place. Telling me the ambience is nice and they got a variety of unique coffee.The Coffee Connoisseur (click to see TCC boutique at The Pier @ Robertson). It was quite a small place at this boutique. But ambience looks good.
Looks like bird cage. But it really reminded of those prairie days where they got this look alike swing right at their porch and flowers surrounding the place. Eeeep the thought of it is so sweet!

The other side of TCC.Heard it used to be a pet store or something (or was it a pet café? Not sure haha). Didn’t get much business so they close down and now it is being used by TCC (I am sure no pet furs were left behind).

Took me some time to make up my mind what I want to drink because everything looks so good! So we ordered;
Berry Oreo and Ultimate Almond Latte.I had the Berry Oreo in which I find it quite tasteless. I can’t really taste any Oreo taste, I think the berry taste covered it. My other friend ordered the Ultimate Almond Latte. Ooooh now this was nice; the coffee and the almond taste blends very well and the smell of the almond was really good. Too bad I am not a coffee person. There were 5 of us. My fiancé ordered a Litchi Tea Freeze. Another friend ordered a Soursop Yogurt Drink and shared with his girlfriend. The Litchi and the Soursop was bland (hahah yes I tried everyone’s drink).

I didn’t take the pictures of the other two drinks. I forgot lol. Not much pictures for this entry, we took ourselves more than anything else and we talked more than taking pictures (well, I talked more). I would of taken a picture of their dessert counter (I saw alot of nice cakes @_@), but there was too many people and I was shy lol.

Next and final entry for my time in Singapore – Ministry of Food

Friday, May 15, 2009

Ala-Carte Style Sushi Buffet

Friday, 1st May 2009, evening;

My fiancé and I went out to meet friends for dinner at Minori in UE Square. Minori is an Ala-Carte Style Sushi Buffet restaurant. For the price of S$36++ per person they have over 100 of varieties to choose from. Of course we didn’t order much that night. We ate the same thing over and over again lol.

Took us some time to decide what to have and so we decided;
Assorted Raw Fish – Sashimi Moriwase
Mejajiki Sashimi – Raw Swordfish, is complimentary for the first Sashimi Moriwase ordered. Ooooh I love Mejajiki Sashimi and I regret not ordering enough portion of Sake Sashimi. It was like I forgot all about it.

I ordered three types of Sushi – (L-R) Sake Wasabi Mayo, Tamago Sushi, Mejajiki SushiI ordered the Tamago to see how the quality is. I was told if we want to know if a Sushi Chef is good, eat the Tamago and if when you bite it, it doesn’t fall apart, then it is good. And of Course my all-time favorite Mejajiki.

Eel – UnagiI didn’t eat this, cause I don’t take eel like this o.O but my friends order a number of this.

Salmon Head Teriyaki – Sake Teriyaki (I am not sure lol)This was a complimentary dish for the night.

Fried Prawns – Ebi TempuraYummy! I love this! Though my friend said it is quite tasteless. You know I never knew what the radish was for that always comes with Tempura. I found out from my fiancé sometime ago that it is meant to be in the sauce (what it is called) to bring out the flavor (I think lol. So I forgot exactly what he told me). I had quite a share of this.

Grilled Pork Belly with Garlic Seasoning – Buta To GarlicI find this so-so. Somehow the pork was not sweet enough and the garlic wasn’t strong enough. Tasteless in my opinion.

Beef with Special Sauce – Gyuniku ShogayakiThis would have been nice if it wasn’t all salty honestly. I ate this too during my trip last year, and it was delicious then. Chef for this is in a “ham sap” mood this time? That or salt went down on price.

Cold Buckwheat Noodle – Zaru SobaThis one was quite refreshing to me. After all the raw, grilled, fried and etc; this one was something light and tasted well down the throat.

Peach Fresh Green Salad – Momo SaradaPeach was from canned peach I assumed as it was sweet, VERY sweet. The salad was uhm… I don’t recommend this.

Overall, I would say their quality dropped. But of course comparing to KL Japanese Buffet, this is still better. I am still regretting that I did not order enough Sake Sashimi… My favorite raw seafood of course coming only after Mejajiki Sashimi. How could I have forgotten to order more of that? T_T

The price converting back to ringgit would be RM86.40 (based on S$36 before tax). Of course it looks costly to us but if looking at 1 for 1, it is way cheaper than any Japanese Buffet here. Furthermore this one is Ala-Carte. They only cook it when you order. Fresh yummmy~ Ok I want Sake Sashimi and Ebi Tempura now -_-;

After the Buffet, we all went for drinks and chit-chat. In the next blogging session…

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nearly collapse from Cycling to Lunch

Oopss my mistake… I would not be blogging about the Ala-Carte Sushi Buffet yet. I got more to show before that it seems (Yes I totally forgot I took more pictures before the sushi lol).

Friday, 1st May 2009, at about 12:30pm;
My fiancé and I decided to cycle out to Farmart for Bockwurst Sausages. It was a REALLY hot and sunny day that day. I nearly died cycling to Farmart. The journey took about 45mins or more (it felt like hours to me).
See there is proof I cycled.

Nearing Farm Mart it was uphill; as I was being half dead I decided to push the bicycle up. Getting down from the bicycle my leg was all weak, I couldn’t breathe, my back hurts like mad as though there was something stuck between my shoulder blades. My fiancé then pushed the bicycle for me but I still had trouble moving. He told me to take a rest, but it was so HOT! So with persistent to get to a cooler place, I walked uphill to Farmart and head to AustWine where we would be getting the Brockwurst Sausages.
Dehydrated, breathless I took a seat while my fiancé sit the bicycles somewhere safe. Slowly regaining my energy again, I was relieve I did not suddenly collapse; else I would be missing the sausages (noooooooo!).

Austwine’s cold water comes in used wine bottles.This is one drink I nearly finish all when it arrived lol. Yes it is cold water... hmmmm refreshing.

We ordered Lime Juice.Was Calamansi.

We got Soup of the Day! Cream of Chicken.
We also ordered some snacks. Big Small eyed Mickey Mouse came with the snacks.Clockwise: Samosa, Onion Rings and Prawn Rolls.
Of course not to be missed the Bockwurst Sausages!This is my all-time favorite in Austwine. I love it… yummy!

Pork Knuckle too!Crispy on the outside, slightly a tad too dry on the inside though. I think they fry the pork knuckle too long. But the taste was delicious.

We got Ice cream!Vanilla ice cream for my fiancé, Chocolate Chip Peppermint for me. *Slurps*I think if we could, we would of licked the cup clean lol.

We left the place at about 3pm to go check out some puppies at the pet store. The puppies was so cute! Eeeeeee! I want a Husky!

Then cycling home again. This time to my surprise, it felt like it is actually very near to cycle back. Maybe because I was hiding under the shade all the time on the way back lol. When we reach home, I took a shower and fell fast asleep. Was a tiring trip to eat lunch. Definitely lost kgs from sweating and cycling but I think all the food we took replace the loss lol.

Next up – Ala-carte style Sushi Buffet.