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Friday, May 22, 2009


The rest of the days in Singapore weren’t really much to shout about. I was spending my time at home mostly because I didn’t feel like going out so we mostly had local food that I forgot to take any of the pictures. Apologies.

4th May 2009, Monday;

I went out for an interview near Bugis and after the interview, we went to Bugis Junction. This place have changed a lot since the last time my friends and I were there (Pikey, Caren and Chloe). The food court is no longer downstairs but the glass elevator I took from where we ate last time is still there (Picture of Glass Elevator can be found at entry : "A Hop to 2006 in Singapore"). Only except I can longer view it from the front but only the side (that or I did not go and try lol).

We walked around the place for some time and can’t decide what to have for lunch. Finally remembering Cest La Vie KL telling me about Ministry Of Food in Bugis Junction in which Cest La Vie KL blogged about it too. So we searched for it and finally found it. We saw their slogan “A Casual Japanese Restaurant and Café” or something along that line. We flipped through the menu and saw the prices. Not really a casual dining price in my opinion. We did more walking around to see if there were any other places we could have lunch. But being me, I wanted to try it since my friend recommended it too. So we went back to MoF.

The ambience is nice.
Love the setting of the place! So relaxing.

The self-serve tea with tealight candle to keep it warm.No it isn’t like our “Bak Kut Teh” restaurants here where we have to pour in hot water ourselves. They bring us the tea and refills them up for us. Tealight candle is just to keep the tea warm. A very good idea.

Picture of the tealight candle.Artistic huh? Not taken by me lol. My fiancé took this picture.

Mejajiki Sashimi.Oh yes I love raw swordfish so much that I have to eat it again. Never get bored of the sweet taste. Yummy~

Sake Sashimi.Can’t resist not ordering raw salmon now can we.

They serve the sashimi on shaved ice to keep it fresh and cold. Another good idea!

Salmon Salad with Special Sauce.This was delicious. The sauce is very nice and with fresh raw salmon and salads. Yummy.

Salmon Mango Sushi.This was something unique. The mango and salmon blends very well and was refreshingly delicious. Especially since mango is my favorite fruit.

Tamago Stuffed with Plum Rice.The tamago is delicious and again confirms the passing grade for the chef on this. Though I find the plum rice not too plum-py in taste, but it is a yummy try(something I have not seen in KL before). It would be much nicer if the plum rice has more plum taste in my opinion.

Noodle Bento Set.My fiancé ordered this. Together with the noodles are varieties of sushi and sashimi.

Complimentary Tea.They will give you a coupon at the end of the meal with your bill for a complimentary tea or coffee. It can be redeem on the spot. Don’t even have to wait for the next visit.

Sorry I don’t have all the Japanese names for the food for this entry. I can’t remember them anymore lol.

I didn’t know MoF was a Japanese restaurant, yea I didn’t realized it eventhough I read my friend’s blog entry on it lol until I went there myself. I don't recall how much did all this cost us too. S$50-60? Not sure. But have to say it wasn't something of backpackers' style budget food. Though it is like our ala-carte sushi here because for two person it would cost us about RM60-80, so if you're earning Singapore Dollars (base on 1 for 1) the price is reasonable (if I guessed the total bill correctly).

Most of their sushi styles are something I have not seen in KL before, so definitely worth the try (at least once lol).

Well, this entry completes my trip to Singapore in May 2009. Hope you all enjoyed the food tour.


Ayie said...

I like the place like you said nice ambiance, relaxing and very neat. The foods are good, looks so fresh but not too fond of raw stuffs. Nice shots!

ladyviral said...

Ayie : lol. Too bad you're fond of raw stuffs. You did mention it earlier. But you take some times right?

And thanks for the compliment ^_^.

Life Ramblings said...

hi ladyviral!

the ambience of the place looks comfortable and cosy for diners. and those food looks delicious and mouth watering. :)

happy weekend.

Bengbeng said...

i dont know if they taste good but if they taste half as good as they look, it will b enuf. so mouth watering the pics

pikey said...

Oh...... that area... brings back memories.... and that hotel, full of warmth....

ladyviral said...

Life Ramblings : Yes the place is cosy. Made me wanna stay there for a longer time. Oooh yes it does look mouth watering. I want more lol.

BengBeng : Well, it does taste good. To me at least.. not just half good lol. Worth the try.

Pikey : Oh yes. It does bring back alot of memories. We had a great time then ^_^. The hotel is nice and cheap too. Especially love the staffs there.

foongpc said...

Mejajiki is swordfish? I haven't tried that before, or maybe I have but didn't know it's swordfish! Haha!

Oooh! The raw salmon looks deliciosu!! Yum! Yum!

The salmon mango looks absolutely yummy! And the tamago too! I'm drooling.... : )

Anonymous said...

jus notice so many salmon.. poor fish.. =p

Monica said...

Oh I love Jap food! The salmon mango sushi looks yummy ;-)

ladyviral said...

foongpc : Yep it is. Least that is what I see from the menu lol. Doubt they would be wrong though. Oh yes.. it all looks extremely good ^_^. I am hungry again looking at it.

Anonymous : Waaa poor salmon? Poor me for not getting more! :P

Monica : Yea it does look good. Which was why I ordered it at first! And of course didn't disappoint me at all ^_^.

Ayie said...

I eat when I have to! haha

I like trying different foods so I'm ok with anything actually. Just not too

ladyviral said...

Ayie : lol. I understand that ^_^. There are food that I am willing to try but not someone crazy over it. Like Parsley +.+ Sorry to anyone who enjoys it lol.

Cest La Vie said...

Your entry really made me miss the food there...hur hur..look at all the fish! Don't think I have tried swordfish before...makes me feel like dropping by any sushi place to test it out just looking at your pics!

ladyviral said...

Cest La Vie KL : lol come come.. we can go eat together! But very rare to see Swordfish in Malaysia Sushi.. Even I went to Sushi Zanmai also bor.. Don't remember is Zen Sushi got or not.