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Friday, May 15, 2009

Ala-Carte Style Sushi Buffet

Friday, 1st May 2009, evening;

My fiancé and I went out to meet friends for dinner at Minori in UE Square. Minori is an Ala-Carte Style Sushi Buffet restaurant. For the price of S$36++ per person they have over 100 of varieties to choose from. Of course we didn’t order much that night. We ate the same thing over and over again lol.

Took us some time to decide what to have and so we decided;
Assorted Raw Fish – Sashimi Moriwase
Mejajiki Sashimi – Raw Swordfish, is complimentary for the first Sashimi Moriwase ordered. Ooooh I love Mejajiki Sashimi and I regret not ordering enough portion of Sake Sashimi. It was like I forgot all about it.

I ordered three types of Sushi – (L-R) Sake Wasabi Mayo, Tamago Sushi, Mejajiki SushiI ordered the Tamago to see how the quality is. I was told if we want to know if a Sushi Chef is good, eat the Tamago and if when you bite it, it doesn’t fall apart, then it is good. And of Course my all-time favorite Mejajiki.

Eel – UnagiI didn’t eat this, cause I don’t take eel like this o.O but my friends order a number of this.

Salmon Head Teriyaki – Sake Teriyaki (I am not sure lol)This was a complimentary dish for the night.

Fried Prawns – Ebi TempuraYummy! I love this! Though my friend said it is quite tasteless. You know I never knew what the radish was for that always comes with Tempura. I found out from my fiancé sometime ago that it is meant to be in the sauce (what it is called) to bring out the flavor (I think lol. So I forgot exactly what he told me). I had quite a share of this.

Grilled Pork Belly with Garlic Seasoning – Buta To GarlicI find this so-so. Somehow the pork was not sweet enough and the garlic wasn’t strong enough. Tasteless in my opinion.

Beef with Special Sauce – Gyuniku ShogayakiThis would have been nice if it wasn’t all salty honestly. I ate this too during my trip last year, and it was delicious then. Chef for this is in a “ham sap” mood this time? That or salt went down on price.

Cold Buckwheat Noodle – Zaru SobaThis one was quite refreshing to me. After all the raw, grilled, fried and etc; this one was something light and tasted well down the throat.

Peach Fresh Green Salad – Momo SaradaPeach was from canned peach I assumed as it was sweet, VERY sweet. The salad was uhm… I don’t recommend this.

Overall, I would say their quality dropped. But of course comparing to KL Japanese Buffet, this is still better. I am still regretting that I did not order enough Sake Sashimi… My favorite raw seafood of course coming only after Mejajiki Sashimi. How could I have forgotten to order more of that? T_T

The price converting back to ringgit would be RM86.40 (based on S$36 before tax). Of course it looks costly to us but if looking at 1 for 1, it is way cheaper than any Japanese Buffet here. Furthermore this one is Ala-Carte. They only cook it when you order. Fresh yummmy~ Ok I want Sake Sashimi and Ebi Tempura now -_-;

After the Buffet, we all went for drinks and chit-chat. In the next blogging session…


Faisal Admar said...

the salmon head look scary... *fainted*

Bengbeng said...

i did wonder about the salmon head too :) normally for self cooking, i throw away the head. of coz we dont have salmon but it seems to me perhaps my family should b more adventurous n save money too :)

foongpc said...

The food looks yummy! I like unagi but not the prawn tempure. Somehow, I don't like to eat tempuras.

Salmon head? How to eat this?

ladyviral said...

faisal : o_o can't stand fish heads?

BengBeng : Well, there are some meat at the fish head and fish cheeks! It is said good for smoother skin. So should keep the head :P.

foongpc : I loves tempuras! I like it cause it isn't oily. I was told it doesn't use oil. Wonder if it is true.

Salmon head ar.. I think that salmon was not just head. Maybe there was a little bit of the body too. I didn't eat it much ^__^. So can't recalled lol.

molly said...

I am very Chinese but not anti-Japanese, just not used to eating sushi, LOL. My children loves sushi. If they see your blog I think they will start hinting till the day comes.

ladyviral said...

molly : I used to not enjoy sushi. I can't stand the idea of raw food. Then thanks to my friends who was Jap fanatic, they taught me how to eat raw sushi :P.

Oooh your children loves sushi too. Better not let them see my blog, else it be hazardous for you.

pikey said...

Those food pics are simply looks too delicious and me looking at it before my lunch hours, lolx.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment.

I love sushi and sashimi :)

ladyviral said...

Pikey : lol. I know. Sometimes I can't look at food blogs~ Especially at night. Makes me hungry lol.

Mei Teng Yay! Another Sushi and Sashimi lover :D. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment ^__^.

Ayie said...

Hi, this isn't the first time I came across your blog. If i remember it right i browsed this before already but wasn't able to leave a comment.

I love your photos. I am not much into raw stuffs but I do eat sushi and sashimi once in a while. I tried unagi once and it was good. I'm enticed by your foods except the salmon head. It won't work for me. hehe

ladyviral said...

Ayie : Yea I believe I was using HaloScan then and needed my autorization for all comments that I didn't know of. Was sucky.. lol. But changed it now. Blogger's comments work good. ^^V.

Oh you should try the swordfish! Not as tasty as cooked unagi I guess, but it is sweet! But oddly I am never an unagi fan lol. Yea the salmon head was something I didn't take much either :P.

sakaigirl said...

Mmm, the unagi looks really nice to me^^

ladyviral said...

sakaigirl : yea it does look good.

Am I the only one who don't take unagi? xD

Ayie said...

I love swordfish. I get that in the grocery all the time. I like the meat, so clean tasting.

ladyviral said...

Ayie : You eat it raw? or cooked? And yes.. it is yummy~ the clean taste, the sweetness!

foongpc said...

Really? They don't use oil in tempures? But the last time I ate tempuras, they were so oily! I didn't like it.

ladyviral said...

foongpc : I don't know too. Maybe they do, but less oil? I was told that if we fry stuffs with water and less oil, it won't be so oily. But beware of the jumping oil drops!

Ayie said...

No raw stuffs for me...i can but with toleration.

ladyviral said...

Ayie : lol. Understood. Least you have toleration. I remembered when I didn't take raw stuffs. I didn't have any then. Take it in and it would come right back out :P.