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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nearly collapse from Cycling to Lunch

Oopss my mistake… I would not be blogging about the Ala-Carte Sushi Buffet yet. I got more to show before that it seems (Yes I totally forgot I took more pictures before the sushi lol).

Friday, 1st May 2009, at about 12:30pm;
My fiancé and I decided to cycle out to Farmart for Bockwurst Sausages. It was a REALLY hot and sunny day that day. I nearly died cycling to Farmart. The journey took about 45mins or more (it felt like hours to me).
See there is proof I cycled.

Nearing Farm Mart it was uphill; as I was being half dead I decided to push the bicycle up. Getting down from the bicycle my leg was all weak, I couldn’t breathe, my back hurts like mad as though there was something stuck between my shoulder blades. My fiancé then pushed the bicycle for me but I still had trouble moving. He told me to take a rest, but it was so HOT! So with persistent to get to a cooler place, I walked uphill to Farmart and head to AustWine where we would be getting the Brockwurst Sausages.
Dehydrated, breathless I took a seat while my fiancé sit the bicycles somewhere safe. Slowly regaining my energy again, I was relieve I did not suddenly collapse; else I would be missing the sausages (noooooooo!).

Austwine’s cold water comes in used wine bottles.This is one drink I nearly finish all when it arrived lol. Yes it is cold water... hmmmm refreshing.

We ordered Lime Juice.Was Calamansi.

We got Soup of the Day! Cream of Chicken.
We also ordered some snacks. Big Small eyed Mickey Mouse came with the snacks.Clockwise: Samosa, Onion Rings and Prawn Rolls.
Of course not to be missed the Bockwurst Sausages!This is my all-time favorite in Austwine. I love it… yummy!

Pork Knuckle too!Crispy on the outside, slightly a tad too dry on the inside though. I think they fry the pork knuckle too long. But the taste was delicious.

We got Ice cream!Vanilla ice cream for my fiancé, Chocolate Chip Peppermint for me. *Slurps*I think if we could, we would of licked the cup clean lol.

We left the place at about 3pm to go check out some puppies at the pet store. The puppies was so cute! Eeeeeee! I want a Husky!

Then cycling home again. This time to my surprise, it felt like it is actually very near to cycle back. Maybe because I was hiding under the shade all the time on the way back lol. When we reach home, I took a shower and fell fast asleep. Was a tiring trip to eat lunch. Definitely lost kgs from sweating and cycling but I think all the food we took replace the loss lol.

Next up – Ala-carte style Sushi Buffet.


foongpc said...

Wow! All those food make me hungry right now and it's almost 2am!!

Good thing you cycled - lost some weight after all those calorie laden food, I hope? : )

ladyviral said...

foongpc : lol Yes when I Was posting this, I got hungry myself too xD.
Yea hope I lost some weight too :P. But I think I gain them back as time goes by :P.

Bengbeng said...

sigh..i am on a diet n i read this post..mental torturelah. tonight for dinner i had long beans n 2 egg whites n no rice . so u can imagine how hungry i am.

яіи†akase said...

Uhh uhh uhhh ~~

I want one ice cream, thanks ~ :X

ladyviral said...

BengBeng : Eeeek! So sorry lol. Yes I can imagine how hungry you are... I would be too and give in to temptation. I hope you didn't :P. I want a diet too o_o, tummy getting bigger T_T.

Rin : Rin :D! I want ice cream too now T_T.

Faisal Admar said...

gime onion ring. the rest? no thanks. i keep myself fit haha!

ladyviral said...

faisal : lol The onion ring was delicious! Not like Burger Kings' which used to be nice.. but this one was crispy on the outside, oniony on the inside :P.

Anonymous said...

every1 is talking about the food n didn even notice u cycle ur ass off.. well sadly tat is a downhill bike and it very very hard to cycle uphill =(

ladyviral said...

Anonymous : YES! And I nearly died! Well, thought I would die lol. But well, I didn't really mentioned about me cycling much :P.

Ayie said...

It's worth the heat, all the foods you had were delicious (just looking at it and you having that effort to get there). I miss crispy pata (pork knuckle)

ladyviral said...

Ayie : I have to admit it was! And the fact I got my fiance all worried hahaha xD. The food is delicious. I would love a pork knuckle again. But definitely can't finish it. it was huge imo. Looked small in my picture though lol.

Ayie said...

He must be freaked out seeing you like that. Oh my, next time just bring the car ok.

Thanks for checking my blog, i get to know your blog too. I blog hop but only when i have spare time.

happy weekend!

ladyviral said...

Ayie : lol yes he did. Car? No car ^_^. Too expensive for a car in Singapore. And he was reading my blog and told the journey is only 15mins. Well, I don't know. Will keep track next time :P.

Hee~ Thanks for checking my blog ^_^. I do that too when I can :). You have a great weekend too! ^_^.