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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Appointment with Dentist

I went to the dentist this morning because I was having some tooth sore last few days. Thinking that it might be inflamed gums or trapped food in the gums, I decided to get a dentist check on it to be safe.

My appointment was scheduled at 9:30am, I arrived at 9:45am and I was late because I could not find where the clinic was. Was my first time there, this dentist is recommended by my friend. Arriving there late, the 10 o’clock patient have arrived and the doctor was attending to her. She was there for about an hour or more and the 10:30am appointment has arrived too. So I decided to tell the nurse that I will go pay my bills and have my breakfast and return later.

Returning at 11:45am, there were more patients! Gosh! How many did I have to wait just to get my teeth clean? Well, guess that is the result of it for me being late.

Finally at 12:20pm, I get to see the dentist, a young looking and friendly dentist. He taught me a few things today. Like why do we need to use a medium or hard toothbrush if the plagues are soft? Why do you need to brush so hard if the plagues are soft and easily removed? Well, you see because I use a medium toothbrush and it caught me that I do brush hard sometimes; telling me that will only hurt the gums. Just because we want our teeth to be clean doesn’t mean we need to torture our gums. He does have a point (well from a dentist lol)! Not just that, he told me that we should not use any alcohol substance mouth wash because it will make the enamel on our teeth weak. I never knew mouth wash has alcohol substance in them.

So the dentist checked my teeth and he said “Your teeth are perfectly fine, except for some stains at the back (that can’t be remove mind you), a small filling at the side, you do not need any scaling or cleaning by me at all.” Lol? I was surprised! The first dentist that tells me that! He did tell me that my front teeth are slightly in danger claiming that it is sharper than normal teeth (I don’t know how to explain this, but like erm… normal tooth are rounded at the sides, but my are sharp and two tooth side by side is getting even at the bottom). I suspect it may have been me grinding my teeth when I sleep in which my previous dentist told me of (not like I know I grind my teeth, then hit me that when I was studying part-time, I had a few nights that I got awoken up by my own teeth grinding. So I guess it was that. Lol). He keeps thinking that I chew with my front teeth. I told him I don’t, I chew on my right mostly. So I told him it might be the teeth grinding when I am stress two years back. He advised me to go for stress management lol. I suggested an easier method! EXERCISING!

Well, so it means I waited form 10:00am to 12:30pm to see him and have him tell me my teeth are perfectly fine and getting some tips off him. I got charge RM20 for consultation fees.

Leaving the dentist I went to Guardian and purchased an alcohol-free mouthwash by Oral-B. Came home and threw my Listerine away that I haven’t use for some time lol because I hated it that it is burning in the mouth and before I could not even finish 30 seconds gargling, I expel it. Guess it was the alcohol that did it! Learnt something new today! Next change, my medium toothbrush to soft bristle toothbrush!

Three basic steps to maintaining a healthy set of teeth;

Step one, brushing; remember not to brush too hard until you bleed. That means it isn’t good.

Step two, flossing; is to remove any plague or trapped food between the teeth.

Step three, rinsing; using alcohol-free mouthwash will do the trick. The rest just burns because of the alcohol substance.

Have you done all the three basic steps today for your teeth?


яіи†akase said...

Thanks for sharing (:

I'm taking care of my teeth too.. I want to remove the yellowish part T__T

Bengbeng said...

i am going to buy soft toothbrushes from now on for the whole family. the dentist seems quite a decent bloke

foongpc said...

Oh! Thanks for the tips! I have never been to the dentist in my life! Should I visit one?

ladyviral said...

Good Morning!

Rintakse : Yellowish from what substance? Did you drink alot of tea or coffee?

BengBeng : lol. I am having thoughts, like brushing for my tongue -_-'' would a soft one work as well? Though the dentist have his point on the gums thing. lol.

foongpc : Well, in a friend's opinion - if you got no problems with your teeth, there is no need to see a dentist. From a dentist opinion - Yes you should! We want your money! :P. lol.. kidding.

But well, guess once in a blue moon to visit is ok. Just to see if there is anything wrong. ^_^

Ayie said...

Foong are you serious? not even once?

I love my dentist visits. I spend time there and chat with them. It feels so good and clean after all the treatments and cleaning.

foongpc said...

Yes Ayie, I am serious. Have not visited a dentist before in my life!

Well, I guess there's always a first time for everything - my motto : )

ladyviral, exactly, if my teeth no problem, what's the point to visit the dentist and pay him/her? Might as well spend on a good meal! Haha!

But I guess visit the dentist once a year is good. Just like doing a medical cehck up once a year. Hmmm, will consider it. Now let me ring up my dentist friend - see can get discount or not : )

ladyviral said...

Ayie : lol. I would only visit them either once a year or when I really need to. I haven't been to one for 2 years now until last sat :P.

foongpc : Yep it is. Sometimes we might not be able to see or feel something is wrong... once in a while is fine. In my opinion, there is no need to visit every year :P. Least I don't xD. Got a dentist friend? Let me know if you do get discount.. I would tell him you refer me :P.

reanaclaire said...

hi..greetings from IPOH..
thanks for the useful tips. i need that..cos my most feared place is the dentist!

Mei Teng said...

I hate visiting dentists. But I try to see my dentist at least once every six months. Maintenance's important.

ladyviral said...

reanaclaire : Hi there~ Thank you for visiting my blog ^_^.

Oh yes I do fear the dentist too. But for the sake of my teeth I have to overcome the fear lol. I hate when they drill my teeth :x.

Mei Teng : Same here! but I rarely go to the dentist. I was told we shouldn't let the dentist scale our teeth too much, it will weaken the enamel that protects the teeth. So I only go when I need to.

Most important maintenance in my opinion, starts from home. Brush, floss, rinse ^_^.

reanaclaire said...

hi lady, i have added u up.. thanks for coming by and hope we can continue to keep in touch with our blogging..
God Bless!

ladyviral said...

reanaclaire : thanks for adding me :D. Definitely will keep in touch. Least I will try :P.

Ayie said...

you should always do maintenance just like what Mei said. It's important.

Ayie said...

Foong, better start going to the dentist at least for check up. You might regret it when you get older.

ladyviral said...

Ayie : It is alright, but too much dentist procedure will weaken the teeth more no? Before I met this dentist, whom tells me, i don't need scaling if i really don't have to... all other dentist I have met, scale for me regardless and they barely advise like this guy. If I never met this dentist, I don't think I would ever know that the previous few was just doing it for the sake of doing it. Why I say that? Because each time I go scaling or maintenance, they spend less than 10minutes on my teeth and send me off. If I really do not require scaling, but the dentist still scale for me, that would weaken the enamel.

Wow I typed alot in this one lol :P.

Ayie said...

You got carried away I guess. I had braces before that's why I got accustomed with dentist. I do regular annual visits after that.

L said...

hey dear dear, you just taught me a lot of new things! thanks for the information! :P

ladyviral said...

Ayie : Oooh. I see, I never had braces... and my teeth isn't all nice either lol. I will ask this dentist again when I see him ^-^. (that if I remember lol)

L : Hi dear dear! You're most welcome hor ^-^. I tried to put your blog in my blog roll, but cannot update -_-' don't know why... Thank you for dropping by, dear~

Jaz said...

It is important to visit a family dentist at least twice a year in order to maintain proper oral health.

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Sean Butcher said...

The three basic steps you've shared should ALWAYS be taught to everyone, especially to the children. The parents should be responsible for that! Well, there are fun ways to make them clean their teeth everytime! The parents can play, sing or dance together with their kids while brushing and flossing. :D

Btw, be sure to never be late again for any appointment. It would really cause you some troubles.

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