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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dinner, My Treat

Dinner with my family in Summit Shopping Complex at USJ on Sunday; 31st May 2009, dinner was my treat.

I decided to bring them to Black Canyon Coffee.It is said their Thai food and coffee is good. I don’t drink coffee so anyone can tell me?

I ordered an Orange Frost.Mom ordered a Watermelon Frost and brother an Orange Juice. Don’t have the pictures, it was really blur.

Mushroom Soup.Complimentary soup when we order the steaks. Give three choices Cream of Chicken Soup, Cream of Mushroom Soup, Cream of Corn Soup.

All three of us ordered the Black Canyon Beef Steak.This is my Beef Steak.
I ordered it medium raw.I am still able to see redness of blood in the beef steak. Yummy! When I cut it open, the blood was seeping out.

The bill total came up to RM109.00, of course it does sound costly but was the time spent with the family; priceless. I had a good dinner with my family. Well, part of my family. I enjoyed the evening.


яіи†akase said...

.__." Enough already hor -__-" always post food photos at night. MY SALIVA DROP ALREADY LA, ROAR!

ladyviral said...

Rintakase : I am so sorry +.+ only time I can post in my blog. ok ok... i try to post them earlier next time :P. Lik at dinner time... but then you would craving for it lol.

Bengbeng said...

the steak looks good. real good. when it comes to family, a bit expensive should b alright. dinner would b an experience rather than a meal. it is the overall experience. it is worth it.

Cest La Vie said... sounded like a vampire when you say can see the blood dripping out :p

There's a Black Canyon nearby my place too. Ah one day I will try out the steak

ladyviral said...

BengBeng : say it right! It is the time spent with family and not the price tag.. it was a moment to treasure ^^. And yes the steak is good.. though taste still can't compare to the one I had in sg... but this is really delicious too. :D

Cest La Vie : lol. I am always a vampire.. lol though i still sleep at night :P.

oooh yes do try.. I recommend it. One day i will go and try their thai food instead ^^.

molly said...

I love beef but now dont eat because were asked not to take because of my religion, but sometimes curi,curi makan lor. Very hard to control because that was my fav food. :)

foongpc said...

I've been to Black Canyon Coffee at this "hantu punya tempat" aka Summit.

You know what? I think their food sucks! Especially their Thai food which they are famous for.

You should try Black Canyon Coffee in Bangkok! It's a world of difference! I guess the Thais are still better at cooking Thai food. Somehow when Malaysians do it, they are either not good at it or they purposely "Malaysianised" the Thai food to cater to Malaysians taste buds.

But I don't know about non Thai food at this restaurant. Cos I have only tried their Thai food since they are famous for it : )

ladyviral said...

Molly : Oooh yes.. my favorite too! I always have beef at every chance I get. lol. Religion purposes? Kwan Yin ar?

foongpc : I never tried their thai food before... Somehow I daren't lol. I ate their beef all the time I am there and nothing else lol. Ok sounds like I am not going to try their Thai food at all :P.

Somehow their fusion of pasta and thai wasn't appetizing though.

Ayie said...

Can't eat a steak or any meat medium, always well done. I agree, the time spent with family is priceless. We can always earn the cash. Nice foods!

btw, i love coffee!!!

reanaclaire said...

i tried black canyon before.. their servings are very small.. hahaa.. each time i go, my stomach is not full with one meal.. haha... perhaps i m a big eater..

ladyviral said...

Ayie : Oh why not? I love them medium raw ^-^. I used to love coffee... got addicted and it wasn't a good sight lol. So I quit :P.

reanaclaire : Really? I find it just nice. Afterall I don't want to over feed myself :P. But what did you have, maybe it is the different dish.

fufu said...

the black canyon steak didnt look likt the one i had when i was in california >.< anyway anyway 109 for 3person is quite expensive but once a's totally alright =p

ladyviral said...

fufu : Well, Malaysian made and California made would definitely be different lol. I bet the one you had was way more delicious than the one I have now. But yes the price is costly... but for the family and it isn't an everyday thing, so it was all ok ;).

Thank you for dropping by and commenting ^-^.

Ayie said...

do you get hyper with coffee? sugar rush? hehe

no bloddy meats for me...I'm good with well done =)

ladyviral said...

Ayie : that wasn't the case of why I stopped lol. I stopped cause my hands started to shiver alot, and my skin texture was really bad! After I stopped, my hand stop the whole shaking and my skin got better... of course not a whole lot lol.

I tried well done meat before, the beef taste went missing and I didn't enjoy it. Even medium too! So I stick to medium raw cause I doubt I could handle raw lol.

Ayie said...

A cup of coffee a day is ok but too much isn't good. I think you had so much your body can take.

You love sashimi right? I guess that explains too why you can tolerate bloody meats! +)

ladyviral said...

lol. naw... i think it was a side affect i had for coffee.. one a day is a must :P. but the possibility of my body not being to handle coffee intake could be another reason lol.

Oh yes! Sashimi! Bloody meats! Ok I want sushi tomorrow... >:(

Ayie said...

oh no, can't take those bloddy meats! I served steak for breakfast (hehe not breakfast steak like those thin meats!), i felt like cooking. it's tender and juicy well done haha!