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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

CNY 2010... Reunion Dinner

My reunion dinner during CNY 2010 was in Singapore with hubs and my MIL. It was a simple dinner and we had “Yu Sang” well, ours weren’t really “Yu”; MIL doesn’t take raw fish, so I suggested cooked sliced chicken.
So what should we call it? “Kai Sang”? Can’t cause the chicken is cooked. Haha!
Here's the "Yu Sang" without the "Yu"
Here’s our improvised “Yu Sang”

These are the dishes for the night;
Yam Basket

It was bought, too tedious to make.

Stir-fried sliced fish.

Fish ball and “Pak Choy” soup.
This is made by MIL. I enjoyed it a lot. Especially the vege.

It was a filling dinner... I was contented :). Of course I still do miss having reunion dinner with my own family. After all, it has been so many years that I have it with them; take some time to get used to it.

There we have it my simple reunion dinner for CNY 2010.

Today is my last day at work; I would be probably busy packing and all the next few days... so I hereby request to be on a break again haha. I might post when I can... and when that happens, it might be scheduled posts or me posting and then running off to do my stuffs. So I apologized for not visiting anyone's blog for the meantime. Take cares y'all!


molly said...

Ok, dont worry about us. We will take care of ourself. You too take care & do find time to blog-hop by.

suituapui said...

I think preparing yee sang is as tedious as making popiah! All that cutting into thin strips must have been a real chore! Wah...can buy yam basket in a box. Here, they let you take the plate...but you'll have to return after use. Small town like that lah! LOL!!!

ladyviral said...

Molly : I am sure you all will ^_^. Lets hope it is all good for me then I can blog hop again :D.

ladyviral said...

suituapui : In Singapore I don't think they will allowed us to take the plate, else they will never see the plate again especially since everything is quite far :P. Making Yee Sang is tedious too! Like your popiah! hahaa!

Rose Belle said...

You are lucky to have easily found a job in this economy though I'm not sure if the world economic slump hit the Asian countries as much as it did for the U.S. Good luck with everything and look forward to hearing from you later!

smallkucing said...

A nice and simple meal :D.

Uiks...didn't know can "tapau" Yam Basket.

ladyviral said...

RoseBelle : Yea I am lucky... I guess sometimes it depends on the field and the major we are in. My friends found jobs too :P.

ladyviral said...

Kucing : Yea it is... but was alot! MIL, tried to make me fat :P.

Yea first time I see Yam Basket can tar pau too haha!

Pete said...

Mmmmm, maybe Kai Sang will be available in restaurants next year! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Did you know there's fruits yee sang too? I think that's refreshingly different and worth a try...although I have yet to try it myself.

xin said...

ok chicken sang is new O_o

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

Seems reunion was too much enjoyable :)

Tekkaus said... make me drool LV. And this makes me miss my CNY. :p

Ayie said...

lv you've been eating and eating! lol

Dean C said...

Very interesting pictures.

Noel said...

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