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Friday, March 05, 2010

MIL's Cat... her precious

My MIL has a cat that she lets out of the cage when she returns from work and let it in the house.
This cat was a stray cat at the market where MIL found her and picked her up to bring home. MIL loves cats with patches at the eye.

Watchful eye.
The sat at the entrance door looking at us taking pictures of it haha.

Here are some of the videos hubs and I shot.
Cat waiting for MIL to open her room door so she can dash in.

Cat stuck behind kitchen door and tries to open it.

Mind you, the cat does know how to put the kitchen door open... it is a slide door. Did see her using her paw?! She managed to push the door ajar by a bit... of course it will take a longer time for it to probably push a bigger slot to let herself out haha. So we never did managed to capture it opening the door fully to let herself out though :P. We will try again next time.

Until then!

This is a scheduled post :)


Shingo T said...

Your MIL is an animal lover. In Singapore, most of the time it's the Malays who keep the cats, Chinese tends to prefer doggies, from observation.

I love animals too. They taste great!

smallkucing said...

I used to have a black and white cat too. More black patches than your MIL's

And he was very clever too. Can go to the toilet to do "biz" and after finished will call out to be "wash".

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

She indeed looks very special :)

Rose Belle said...

Cats are really smart animals. I don't own any but my daughters would show me these funny videos of cats on youtube fighting (look more like boxing to me...standing on their hind legs and boxing their front paws), cats scaring kids from behind bushes or furnitures, and all these crazy stuff.

Lol...and your MIL's cat knows how to slide the door open? How smart is that!

reanaclaire said...

a meow meow post today.. :) 5 more days to what occasion, LV? your wedding or your uprooting?

[SK] said...

hehe, i don't hate cats, but i think i like dogs more.. :)

Anonymous said...

I love dogs more :)

wenn said...

cats are cute!

lina said...

such a clever cat. :)

Pete said...

cute cat, nice eye patch!

Tekkaus said...

Wow...the cat is really cute. Your MIL loves pet huh!