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Monday, March 01, 2010

CNY Decorations... that I saw

Everyone wanted to see the Singapore Chinese New Year decorations. I didn’t go to Chinatown to take them shots, it was too hot a weather, and I mostly stuck myself in air-conditioned places haha.

So what did I manage to snap? Decorations of the shopping malls... well, least some of it :P.

Here I went to get my haircut in Tampines mall.
I love these decorations... when it is windy the wind will sway the decorations... so nice.

During the Chinese New Year week, I went for the movie “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief”. I am not going to mentioned too much about the movie, because I didn’t find it that all much to shout about. So at the place I was which was Cathay – ah yes, Singapore has this mall that is named as the cinema and populated by the cinema itself with shops inside.

This was hanging from tall ceiling right at the entrance and the centre areas. Lovely isn’t it?

Hubs and I went to the Dhoby Ghaut MRT station... and outside the pillars of the area I saw this.
Hmmm... more flowers.

The next day we went to Little India to walk about... and this journey will be posted some other time. As we leave Little India, we saw this new mall... City Square Mall. So went in to enjoy the air-conditioning. At the other entrance of this mall stands a tall arch decorated.


Chinese Characters;
What does it read?

At City Square Mall, we saw a fountain like this;
In the lower ground area with just the fountain and a wall of greenery.
Of course then I saw this kid trying to brave the waters in order to stand in the middle of fountain for a picture to be taken so I couldn’t resist but to take a few shots at him. Hehe.

Hubs and I decided to go down and have a look. The whole fountain area is cooling! They have this huge blower cooling the area down. What more! It is all solar powered! Look!
Solar Panels;
A screen showing the information.

And here i took this shot instead of from above, I was in the area.
Here’s the night view of it of the place;

And a video of the colour changing fountain :P.
Ok coming back to the Chinese New Year decorations.
These are the decoration in the mall.

Lovely I must say... I like the umbrellas :).

Hubs and I went to Bugis as well during the week. We found Fortune God! A very big one too!
There a lot of people surrounding him, because at the pillars, are the fortune of all 12 horoscopes. So everyone is reading it under the hot sun.

And of course the temples were crowded with people.

We journeyed to orchard... and in front of Mandarin Gallery;
In front stands two tall Tiger! ROAR!

To usher in the Tiger year but no fear, I bet this tigers are not fierce at all because they are as gentle as flowers that it actually shows in them! Haha!
Well, a long post for this... I hope everyone enjoy my journey through :P.


Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Wow. The solar powered fountain is truly amazing. By the way, I haven't watched any movies in a cinema for ages. You are lucky that you still can. Hehehe

Shingo T said...

Enjoyed it as much as you did!

There will come a day when you and your hubby might walk past me and my Wifey.

And we won't realise it!

ladyviral said...

Willie : Hahaha not all the time though... I barely go watch movies in the cinema now too haha :P.

ladyviral said...

Shingo : It is beautiful :). But I still like Christmas, I think Singapore elaborate the decorations more. Of course it depends on places.

Walk pass you and your wife and not knowing that will happen! Because I don't know how you look like haha :P.

reanaclaire said...

Singapore is ever chinesey if u know what i mean..
all the Best to your future in singapore, bye bye to Malaysia.. hope you build a great happy beginning in sg with your love one.. do keep in touch through our blogs! :)

Cassie the Missy said...

^.^ wishing u luck on ur new life in Singapore! All the best ya!

suituapui said...

Cathay Mall? Dhoby Ghaut? The last time I was In Spore...they tore down the all cinema and was building something else. Must be that. Gosh! I haven't been to Singapore for ages!!! Nice CNY decorations- all the new places that I dunno... Must go again some time.

ladyviral said...

reanaclaire : Yea soon to be bye bye Malaysia, hello Singapore. hehe

Singapore is very chinesey indeed :P.

ladyviral said...

Cassie : Thanks alot, Cassie! ^_^

ladyviral said...

suituapui : Yea I know! The last time I was there (which was my very first time then) I didn't see all this! Well, then again, I didn't know about it either haha!

Make sure to look me up when you visit then yea :D.

Pete said...

Wow, nice collections of CNY deco!

Anonymous said...

The floral tiger is a great decor idea! :)

Rose Belle said...

I envy my fellow bloggers from Asian countries. CNY was filled with so much to see and do. Here in SF, errr.. we have nothing close to what you guys have. We have a parade and some small street festivities. I would love to celebrate CNY in Asia in the future.

ladyviral said...

Pete : Indeed it is :D.

ladyviral said...

Mei Teng : Oh yes it is! I loved it the most. I was glad I was there :D.

ladyviral said...

Rose : Well, rose... I guess when it comes to Christmas we are jealous of friends who stays in the US. Their decoration would be far more elaborated compared to asian countries then hehe.

Superman said...

Enjoyed all the nice shots. Malls and streets in Singapore really nicely decorated for CNY. Malaysia? Way out of the league.

Cascia said...

Those decorations are beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by Healthy Moms and leaving us a comment!

ladyviral said...

Superman : Thanks alot ^_^. It is indeed... I believe Pavilion would be nicely decorated. I think foongpc did post on those.

ladyviral said...

Cascia : They indeed, Cascia ^_^. How are you?

Thanks for dropping by my humble blog :D.

wenn said...

love the fountains and the umbrellas!

Tekkaus said...

Almost all the shopping malls have something dangling right? :p

I like the tiger-flower. :D

iamthewitch said...

Ah thanks for giving us a taste of CNY in Singapore! Very comprehensive indeed! And good luck with your new life and new job in Singapore! :)

Ayie said...

nice decors! sorry limited typing... lol