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- 23rd Jul 2014

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I am home and back to work. Lazy Tuesday for me it seems.

I got my new phone now. A HTC Touch HD. Not used to it now. Quite troublesome to use a Windows Mobile phone. Eventually kind of cut me off my favorite SMS ringtone which I usually let it play at the whole song. This phone regardless of what you press if the song plays for 3mins, it will go on for 3mins! Crappy system! And the QWERTY keyboard is a Touchscreen thing; gosh even more annoying lol. With my fat thumbs I keep hitting two keys at the same time. But Maybe it is just me not being used to it.

I watched X-Men: Wolverine Origins with my fiancé. I find it out of order. It is like no longer running with the rest of the X-Men. (sorry for the spoiler!) In this X-Men movie, Sabertooth (well I think is him +_+) is smarter than the normal Sabertooth portray. Even Gambit is stronger in this sequel of X-Men. Of course they showed a number of mutant powers that we have not seen before at all. A Sharpshooter, a teleporter that doesn’t go up in smokes like Nightcrawler, a Dual Wield with good eyesight (ha I am not even sure if this is mutant power or ninja wannabe thing lol) and some others (that I should not say too much and spoiling the whole finding out for you people oops ^_^; ). The CGI for the movie is good as expected for an X-Men movie. I just find the characters weirdly portrayed. But hey! It is X-Men! A must watch still!

I took a number of pictures of the ala-carte sushi buffet I had. But I have yet to get the pictures. So I should be posting them up once I get them. Please do be patient with me on that. This trip I did not get beef steak lol. Now I am missing it dangit! Well to be continued with the pictures soon!


foongpc said...

Not happy with your new handphone? Looks quite cool to me! Maybe you just need to get used to it.

Oh, I'm not reading your reviews of X-Men! Haven't watch it and don't want to read the spoiler! : )

molly said...

i encounter once with this new touch screen phone and I dont even know how to operate, so ULU!!

Bengbeng said...

i love to have ane whp. mine is definitely ancient but give me a new hp i wouldnt know how to use it too. i am not good at gadgets

ladyviral said...

foongpc : Yea believe I do need time to get used to it lol. But still taking a toll on me :P. Sorry about the X-Men story killer lol.

molly : You're definitely not the only one! I have the same problem too! Even after 5 days~ I usually get use to a phone in that duration lol.

BengBeng : I think I prefer Ancient hp now lol. Easier to use and simple. No complicated stuffs. This one is just too hard to get to certain parts of it.