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- 23rd Jul 2014

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Today, Score 2: Me 0

Woot my favorite Ninjai films have update! I have waited for so long, I have even forgotten about it. Until I clicked an Ad in Pikey’s blog (some banana ninja thing) and remembered I should check on my long time old film Ninjai. I am so exicted now! I can’t wait to go home and watch it. I have missed this film so much.

It is really a huge recommendation to watch it.

Today is April fool’s day. So I got fooled by two person so far. One is foongpc for claiming to be a girl, and the other is Pikey for his MSN personal message “I don’t want a boyfriend, I want a real man”, I thought he was turning gay cause so far I know, he is always straight.

Now let see if there will be more to come around for the day that I will get fooled.


Ayie said...

we love ninjai, used to watch it at work before...hehe we're bad! we do it when boss goes out for a while to relax though! hehe

ladyviral said...

lol As long as it doesn't affect the work process, it is ok imo. :P Just don't get caught now. I haven't been watching again lol. internet too slow to download it.

Ayie said...

that was before when I was working in office, I am now at home office doing my own practice. =)