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- 23rd Jul 2014

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday Evening

There was thunder and more thunder before the time of at about 5:15pm yesterday. And then my internet died at 5:45pm. Thinking of it being a really normal thing to happen lately, I didn’t bother and went out to dinner with my family. My family and I went to Kar Heong Restaurant located at SS14 which my brother heard was popular for their chicken rice. I didn’t managed to get any pictures of the food, my family and I was too hungry (lol). The chicken rice was good but I wasn’t paying attention in the evening cause of some unpleasant thing that happened to me that I was furious about so I didn’t realized how much it was.

My family and I went Carrefour to do some shopping and then headed home. To my sadness… my internet is still out. I ended up watching Smallville Season 7 that I downloaded for some time. I tried calling TMnet and the call went unanswered and I tried again a few more times but fail. Finally I though using my fixed line to call them would be cheaper than using my mobile phone. So I plug in my fixed line (yes I don’t have it plug in because I don’t use it and I have too many weird people calling me in the middle of the night or wrong numbers) and wanted to call them and there was no dial tone. So I used my mobile phone to call them again… and no answer and no, I paid my bills.

I was up all night yesterday, I could sleep at all. I don’t know why. I was REALLY tired, but I couldn’t sleep. So I ended up watching Smallville all night until about 4:30am. I tried to go bed a few times before that, but I keep rolling about in bed. Even when I went at 4:30am I was still rolling in bed. I think I only managed to sleep at 5:00am. So I had only like 2hours 30mins sleep and I am sleepy now.

I finally managed to call TMnet. A guy named Ben was very helpful. Even offer me a combo package that cost RM110 which consist of RM26 monthly rental, RM88 streamyx of 1mbps and a modem which have lifetime warranty on it which isn’t much different from my but a lifetime warranty on their modem. Sounds worth it to me, hehehe~. Checking on their website it is wireless connection which would not really be advisable for my gaming days. Calling them now and again there is no answer. Got to love how they are so efficient in customer service.

(ignoring all the Monday chattering... too sleepy)

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