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Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Earth Hour

Earth Hour yesterday was something really unexpected for me. I was sitting in my room of course as usual like the past few days with my lights off. My brother came and asked before 2030hours “Is your fiancé (name withheld for personal reasons) participating in the Earth Hour?”
I said “Yea, he doesn’t have he lights on now”
“Like you lah?”
“Yea!” (smiles)
“So Earth Hour will be like this lah?” while switching the staircase lights off. “But that will only be at 8:30pm later” he added.

At 2030hours;
Brother came up and said “Earth Hour time!” and he switches the staircase lights off and went into his room without switching on his lights and played game.

Well, to my surprised he participated. I would have thought he would be like my mom.
“Why switch off the lights? Mosquitoes lah!” said my mom when I asked her to switch off the lights.

Here some pictures of the moment during Earth Hour:
My room during Earth Hour (yes my computer is on. I was playing game lol)

The moment of Earth Hour at my staircase. My Living room light was on cause my mom is there.

The condominium at my area. Alot of the units participated. But guess the condominium management did not participate.

The house is hard to see

A lot of people around my neighborhood participated. So did my neighbor on the right side who always has every light turned on in their house.

During the Earth Hour, I was playing MMORPG. I asked my in game friends about it. One actually said “Turn off the lights for one hour will so help… yea. I am not doing it! I will recycle but I am not turning off my lights. What can one hour of switching off my lights do to save global warming?”
I said “It is only awareness to people. Not that this one hour is the saving action” (or something like that along the lines.
Well, the debate went on for about 15mins before it stopped.

So here is my Earth Hour.

Sarah McLachlan - Adia

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