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Monday, April 06, 2009

Outing at Tenji Sushi

After a long discussion, and cancellations and reservations, I have finally went to Tenji Sushi in Solaris, Mont Kiara. It would have been nice if it was on a Saturday instead of Sunday but because we try to accommodate to everyone’s free time, we ended up going on Sunday.

To my surprised, on a Sunday there is a huge amount of people there as well. I was hoping maybe not so pack place, and the queue was long.
I didn’t managed to take pictures of the counter cause it was so pack filled with people surrounding it and by the time the crowd fades away as time have slowly passes us by to a lazy Monday, the counter of food was almost empty. So I didn’t find a reason to snap any photos of the food over the counters except the Dessert counter.

I took some of the pictures of the food we took to our table. To present you with the freshness of the food in my lousy photographing experience lol.

Western, Eastern and Japanese fusion of foods.

This is my share of my Oysters! Humungous Oysters. Looks good yea? It was yummy! Though one of it was not fresh. But the rest was delicious! Love them Oysters!

The coconuts was yummy too and my friends all had extras cause we kept taking for each other and didn't know lol.

I never say no to Roasted Lamb! Love it with their mint! So tasty! They also have a Bread Pudding (or something lol) dessert.

See the whole roasted lamb.

I tried their teppanyaki, from salmon belly to beef to mushrooms to chicken. Even a lamb cutlet! (only managed to take a picture of a lamb cutlet. The rest was devoured very fast) The teppanyaki was only so-so. The taste somehow don't blend into the meat and mushrooms well enough.

Tested this Shark Fin Dumpling (not Shark Fin's, was flour made lol)

Ooooh the Tiramisu was delicious! I love the taste they blend in. Unlike others who have merely of no taste in them... this was yummy!

The queue for the ice cream was hideous! Everyone was attacking Häagan Daz, took us a few tries to finally willing to queue for it. I didn't managed to take pictures of them ice cream, we ate it all up before I could.

Finally was end of the night, headed to the restroom while I was there too. Wow the Ladies is beautiful, classy looking! So I couldn't resist not taking a picture of it to keep for my memory. I love the color the use. So daring and classy!

The outside ambience was really nice. The music was louder and soothing to listen to them. The windy situation really put me at ease. Too bad we sat inside.

Eventually they don't have much of variety of Japanese food, and once they run out of the items on the tray for example Tempura Prawns, they don't refill the same thing again and put something else and not changing the tag. Their tempura wasn't something I say nice, cause they fry everything in advance and by the time we take them, it is cold and soggy. They should fry upon order be fresher and nicer in my opinion.
Their tea was also bad. They don't have people pouring tea for you. you are required to go get them yourselves and eventually at where I sat, was so far and pack filled with people, we didn't really get the tea much.
Their ambience is nice. I love their setting for everything. Even the whole smokey environment (it is for them to keep the food chilled)
I am told that Jogoya is better. I have yet to try Jogoya. So I can't compare. Though I was expecting much more from Tenji because their normal price is RM88.00 and to my horror it isn't as I expected. If their service is base on RM39.90 which comes up to RM53.30 (after Service Tax and Government Tax that is based on their normal pricing of RM88.00), I say Shogun rocks for that pricing. Anyone can tell me if their service better when there are no promotion such as this going on? Their waiters and waitresses sure smile alot when we talk to them, that is at least one good thing. Their food quality as mentioned above other than those I complimented, the rest are just so-so.

Overall, I rate Tenji Sushi 60%. They can do way better than what I experience there yesterday. Their service definitely drag their scores down. Besides why is their Service Tax and Government Tax base on RM88.00 when the promotion price is RM39.90?


Ayie said...

That sharksfin got me...i love that!

ladyviral said...

lol. Well, it wasn't real sharksfin though. But was nice!

Ayie said...

that's ok, i also make my own "sharksfin" dumpling! haha