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- 23rd Jul 2014

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Rushing from Room to Restroom

I had a bad night yesterday T.T

My stomach was aching so badly; was exactly the same feeling I had when I was sent to the hospital for my allergy reaction. I was so afraid and kept refreshing my mind to remember if I have eaten any shellfish. But I wasn’t having any swelling and rashes all over my body. My blood wasn’t gushing everywhere to protect itself. I tried to pass motion but there was nothing. As it was already 1am, I went back to bed after the pain subsides as I was in the restroom. As soon as I lie down on my bed, my stomach starts to act up again! I was in pain! I nearly shouted for my mom again worrying it may be something else and then I figured I shall try again to go the restroom. This time, passing motion was a relieved! I was either food poison or the heat got to me? But I haven’t had heaty food… only oily pork rice for lunch that I didn’t manage to finish. But I did realize, ever since I had that KFC last and went through a discomfort ordeal; I can’t eat oily food anymore. Each time I do, I feel like vomiting. Well, I am not sure but today I am definitely not going to go through the same again.
So I thought I could some stuffs on the internet to see about with my situation... and instead I found this interesting site to share with everyone.

As I am surfing the net now, I found that wine is healthy for our cholesterol. It actually increases our HDL.
So the site wrote:
“The presence of bad cholesterol or low density lipo-protein (LDL) is what causes the blockage in the arteries. The presence of good cholesterol or high density lipo-protein (HDL) helps reduce the blockage and cleans the bad cholesterol. Red wine basically helps increase the HDL to help create a balance.” Read More…
So those who have low HDL and High LDL, time to drink wines! But don’t overdo it. Just moderately is fine.

Well, so now we know why they say coffee and sodas namingly caffeine is not good for us. I used to think it was the whole killing us thing but was the caffeine causing us with inadequate rest that creates the problem. Now I am glad I got rid of my coffee needs.
Here it says;
“consuming excessive amounts of caffeine, not only is that damaging in and of it, but you are preventing another healthy behavior, which is getting adequate sleep. Your organs are already working hard enough to try to rid the body of this stimulant, and if you remain up for all or part of the night, the body is in trouble. It will never have the opportunity to refresh the cells and revitalize the organs, which is naturally done when the body is at rest.” Read More…

First meal of the day scores more points that we think it does. Some people actually thinks skipping breakfast will have them lose weight, but it is wrong… eventually skipping breakfast will activate your hunger pangs more and you will eat more later of day then you’re supposed to.
As the source says;
“eating a healthy breakfast can save you from cravings later during the day and can actually assist your effort in losing the excess weight…” Read More…

Before I go on flooding my blog with more of these entries about health and tips lol, there is more to read in this site I found. Healthy Food and Tips Best Food Network Go ahead click it! You know you want to.

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