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- 23rd Jul 2014

Thursday, April 30, 2009


I just went to pack my lunch… vegetarian day today. I wonder why my vegetarian colleague wants the rest of u to accompany him to eat vegetarian once a week. Does he get commission or something? Anyhow, I have gotten a tad bored of vegetarian really. The food there have drop in quality because it is either too salty or too bland and I think she have added more MSG to her cooking because I feel thirsty each time I pack vegetarian from that shop. But given no choice because I do not have a car of my own and when my other colleagues are ok with vegetarian, I have to follow them.

So I bought a bottle of Lime Sour Plum drink from there as well. With the hot day and the thirst this would be a great thirst quencher. As I drank to relieve my thirst, Gaaaaah! The drink is too sweet! So much thirst quenching, more like diabetic gaining.

Sitting here now waiting for time to pass by so that I can go home; yes I am anticipating to head home. Be flying off to Singapore tonight to meet my fiancé ^_^. Be happy to see him again. This time round I will get Sushi! Ala-carte sushi; yummy… fresh~

Will post the pictures when I get hold of them when I am there. Stay tune~


Bengbeng said...

in theory vegetarian cooking cannot taste good to a non-seasoned vegetarian. so the pro vegetarian cooks have to stimulate yr appetite with artificial seasoning. they can fool yr eyes but not yr sense of taste. to b vegetarian is a commitment with a goal in mind

Cest La Vie said...

Yes...try MOF!! Yummy man! and have a good and romantic time in Singapore :D

ladyviral said...

@BengBeng : yea i believe so. but me being a lover of meat.. still have to say too many spices in vegetarian food are really not that good for us.

@CestLaVie : Waaa.. i told my fiance.. he gave me the " :S " look lol.

molly said...

Have you heard of RM1 vegetatian shop in KL, PJ and Klang area. There are many, and food seem not bad, but I have yet to see one.

ladyviral said...

@molly : there is one? o.o RM1 is really cheap! But they not all flour and fried stuffs right? :x