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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bubba Gump Outing

Went to Sunway Pyramid today with my friends and decided to have Bubba Gump instead of having sushi all the time. Sushi Zanmai in Sunway Pyramid have dropped in standards in my opinion.

Anyway, the place is really nice; ambience is like being in a seafood restaurant by the seashore. Of course that is my opinion. They have Forrest Gump movie playing on repeat. Got to love that movie, it is so warming yet funny and sweet.
The food there is delicious (other than it being a slight too salty) but the whole presentation of the food is nicely done. The servers are all very friendly too. They are very smiley and talkative. Our table’s server is Alda from Indonesia. Really cute girl and her smiles are very sweet. I should have taken a picture of her.

I had their “Salmon and Veggie Skillet” which was really an adventure for my taste buds. The taste of the meal is slightly sour and with that it doesn’t make the whole meal taste like you have had enough after a few bites.
Salmon and Veggie Skillet

My friend had the “Run Across America Sampler” appetizer. A whole bundle of shrimps cooked in different ways with nachos and dip. Oh the Dip for the nachos was yummy! I don’t know how to word it, but gosh it is like if that was my meal, I believe I can’t enough of that dip.

Run Across America Sampler
My other friend decided to have the “ “I’m Stuffed!” Shrimp” dish. At first when I heard the name and read the description, I though the shrimps would be all fat and stuffed up. When it came, it was all like a meatball wrapped in shrimp. But again this dish was something in my opinion. Cheesy taste was not all too overly cheesy; with the garlic butter it was yummy. Make sure to squeeze the lemon in too, makes the meal give you the cheesy, buttery, garlicky, lemony taste. There were a lot of shrimps! It was surrounded by probably about 8 shrimps.
"I'm Stuffed!" Shrimp

For drinks; I had a “Run Forrest Run” smoothie. Very fruity refreshing yogurt drink (and no I am not saying it is refreshing because it is a hot day and I drank something cold lol). My friend had a “Blueberry Smoothie” which is another yogurt drink that consist of a vanilla yogurt in it and I believe I tasted vanilla more than the rest of the ingredients on this drink. “Frozen Blue Lemon-Ups” was a drink chosen by my other friend; lemony fizzy type of drink with lost of ice in it. The glass lights up too (if you like the glass you can pay an amount to bring it home. Kids would love it)! But on such a hot day we are having now, the lemon and fizzy mixture was absolutely refreshing! Glad I took a sip out of it.

from left to right: Blueberry Smoothie, Run Forrest Run, Frozen Blue Lemon-Up

If given a choice, I would go back there again to try out their other dish and this time I have to make sure I get a dessert too. Price for the food was costly in my opinion but that is from someone who is on always on a budget tight attitude lol. But for the portion it was given, I would say it was ok. Seafood is expensive, and they did give quite a big portion, the shrimps are not small by the way. I was filled up till 9pm just now, just eating my own dish and picking on my friends’. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends. Hey you get to watch Forrest Gump while you dine! Great movie! Not to be missed!


David said...

hello, thanks for ur comment yea! hahas!

ladyviral said...

@David: Thank you for dropping by!

David said...

haha... just the normal PC la, window XP, not a problem for me.. hahas

molly said...

Hi, how are you?
I've been there once, I like the prawn.

Bengbeng said...

hi..the food looks yummy. to reply yr comment about the dog, i still haven't decided. if a thief is involved in the poisoning, it just might poison the new dog

ladyviral said...

@molly : yes their shrimps are very fresh! I loved it too!

@bengbeng : yea it is yummy. lol. True on that. If a thief poison Oopi, they might come back again.

Bengbeng said...

i hate this suspense. my mrs will not sleep well for at least a few weeks. the last time they poisoned my two dogs. the thief came a week or so later

Ayie said...

Now i want to go to bubba gump but no nearby franchise here. The last time i saw one was in san francisco...too far for a treat!

ladyviral said...

Ayie : Sunway Pyramid has one. That if you are from KL :P Sunway is near.

Ayie said...

Oh no I'm in US...but I plan to visit Malaysia soon! =) Always being postponed

We have accessible bubba gump in Philippines, I love it there.

ladyviral said...

Ayie : Bubba Gump is from US. So I believe they shoul dhave one near by you ^_^. Maybe you can show me the difference if there is any :).

Ayie said...

Yeah that's why I can't wait to try and compare! I usually go to steak houses for american foods before and for shrimp stuffs mostly i want it fresh from harbor restos.