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- 23rd Jul 2014

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Splashed Wet, Scam

This morning, like any other usual day; I walked to work. To my horror, it was drizzling and then the rain started to pour down more rapidly. With an umbrella at hand, I was sure to be safe from being wet.

I journey my way, and SPLASH! I am wet from leg up. Got my skirt little dots of mud and wetness. Wow and here I was practically trying VERY hard to avoid getting wet and those puddle of water, a car had to drive through the puddle of water and splash people who are walking? So just cause he is driving he can be a selfish idiot and not care about pedestrians? How considerate? Do you all drive like that too?
I remembered there was this one time, a friend of my actually drove me out and of course it was raining. He saw this big puddle of water and of course a pedestrian beside it walking trying to avoid the rain. So my idiotic friend thinks “Oh a victim!” instead of driving away from the puddle, he purposely drove on the puddle and splash the pedestrian. How idiotic can that be? Well, he got one hell of a scolding from me and of course I never sat in his car again. Idiocy can get to anyone huh?

In another case, my mom called at lunch hour wondering why I didn’t take my breakfast this morning (she made me Bak Chang). I was like huh? There was breakfast? But this wasn’t the situation. She then started to tell me that a girl called her (I don’t know on the mobile or the house phone) and was crying and asking her to help her cause she is kidnapped and the girl spoke in Mandarin (I don’t speak Mandarin).
Girl: Mom! Mom! (While crying) I have been kidnapped! Please save me!
Mom: Who are you?
Girl: I am your daughter! Please save me. They hit me.
Mom: What is your name?
Girl: (Silence. Cries more) Please save me! I am your daughter! They hit me and it is painful!
Mom: Tell me your name.
Girl (Silence)
My mom hangs up. Well, guess my mom got worried and was afraid I got kidnapped. So eventually she decided to call me and see if I was at work (for a while there I thought she caught me somewhere slacking away and decided to check on me and no I am at work now! Lol.).

The thing is this is some new scam? Trying to get any mother panicking and just rushing off to help their daughter/son without thinking twice and when they are off guard and rushing out of the house and then get mugged? Well, regardless of what it is. This is a warning to anyone who traffics my blog. Be careful of what kind of calls you receive. We will not know what is going on when something hit us. Take cares~

I might be deleting this blog soon. Creating a new one, I don’t know. But when I do, I will be sure you all find out about it. Well, at least my readers.

(Listening to colleagues chattering away)


яіи†akase said...

LAWLS. I'm glad your mom wasn't scammed (: That girl .__. nub :X

ladyviral said...

yes she is a nub! lol. was funny when my mom told me though lol.