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Sunday, December 21, 2008

When I was Rebel

PastMy darling Nicole and I was talking about how we first met last the other day and it occurred to me, on that day was the day I found out who are my friends and who are not.

That day was a few days after Chinese New Year; friend has an open house and during that time, I was at the age of a “rebel”. The next day was the day I start work after the Chinese New Year closure and of course as it is Chinese New Year, I wanted to go to my friend’s open house. I asked my mom for permission, but she didn’t allowed me to go shouting at me saying that I have to work tomorrow and I shouldn’t be going out, even though I promised her I would be home early. How old was I then? I was 19 years old. So I told her off saying “Why it is that I am not allowed? I am working and old enough to look after myself” she shouted at me “If you are old enough to look after yourself, then get out of the house and don’t stay here!” and slapped me. I cried and cried and cried. She shouted at me asking me to leave the house immediately and don’t come back. Being a rebel, I did. I went out made a call to my boyfriend and cried and told him what happened and then I called my pet brother to come pick me up.

When my pet brother arrived, my real brother threatened him as I was leaving. That frightened him. That was when I met my darling Nicole as my pet brother drove me off and went to pick her up. My pet brother lectured me saying I got him in trouble and all being all frightened like a lost puppy. He shouted at me “Of all days, you had to choose today to run away from home?!” I told him “I did not run away from home! I got kicked out!” (I was a rebel what did you expect from me?)

But that night, was a night that was the most chaotic in my life. Rumors spread like a tornado through the open house, me overhearing my pet brother telling everyone I ran away from home and got him in trouble with the cops (my brother did not report to the police at all) and that night I only had a few people beside me and my boyfriend who rushed back from his holiday to be with me.

I was childish then, even though I was going through such trauma all I wanted to do was go clubbing then. My boyfriend then told me not to go and tried to persuade me home but a rebel never gives in.

To cut things short, that night I lost my boyfriend, my pet brother and a lot of friends. Of course I am not glad that I lost my boyfriend that way. I was really stupid then. I admit hahaha. But I am glad that I saw true colors in those who claimed to be my friends and pet brother. I won’t say they were all bad as of course my pet brother did pick me up but simply spreading stuffs about me regardless of what I told him was not something I call great of him. I thank him for picking me up and I thank him for showing me who those that are my friends.

Reminiscing all this bad times sure bring a tear and smile to me. Tear for how I lost people to my stupidity and rebellious attitude. Smile because I was so stupid it is funny.

“When you grow old, you will look back and laugh about the stupid things you do”
Photo taken by Ma Vera

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