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- 23rd Jul 2014

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sore Back

Have to admit I am old? Dangit... I was trying to carry a bunch of brochures from a shelf at about the height of my neck. Which of course in my opinion, reachable and manageable... So what happen was, as I was pulling the bundle down and trying to hold on to it, it kind of slipped and at that spur of moment I was trying to grab hold of it again, I pulled my lowered back muscle. (Yeoooooow?) Yea it was.

As I have sprained my lower back before, it is now weak and should not be strained. At that situation, it sure felt stupid and dumb of me to be heroic.

That teaches me that next time I should get the muscle men around me to deal with anything that is “heavy” instead of dealing it on my own.

So today I am on Medical Leave, at my sweet home, going to grab a nap soon. (Bwahahahaha!) And what else is better? My fiancé is on his off day too. (Double Bwahahahaha!)
Oh and I guess I have this 45% of not removing this blog. Afterall I think I am lazy. Unless I reeally decided to get bored of this nickname or layout and hoping for some new ones. Hee~

Snow Patrol – You Could Be Happy

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