My whole body is aching~
- 23rd Jul 2014

Friday, March 20, 2009

Need to Win?

Today back to work as usual;

Being on Medical Leave yesterday has brought to colleagues attention. Asking what happened to me was when the explanation of back sprained was told and it just turned my morning to annoyance.

Me: I sprained my back while getting the brochures from the top shelf
Male Colleague: In this sense, next time if we carry our chemicals (stocks) don’t have to ask you.
Me: (Silence. Speaks to Female Colleague) you heard him. Don’t include me next time. (Laughs)
Female Colleague: Har? Carry brochures hurt your lower back? You haven’t carried the chemicals enough. Brochures only hurt you.
Me: The brochures are heavier than the chemicals you claim and they were on the top shelf. You try and carry it.
F. Colleague: You need to carry more chemicals with us. Like this little bit and you hurt liao.
Me: Yeah. You are strong (while making the muscle flexing action) like wonder woman.
F. Colleague: Eh you are wrong wor (while giving me that hmph look). I am not strong. Each time after carrying chemicals our whole body is aching also.

I couldn’t be bothered anymore to reply. One moment she wants to be superman wannabe. The next moment she wants to be weak ass. WTF? Just have to win regardless of lousy or best? Bleh.

(Listening to colleagues chattering away)

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