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- 23rd Jul 2014

Monday, March 23, 2009

Heat, Sleepy

Lunch time;

Had BBQ and Roasted Pork rice; couldn’t eat much, only manage to eat half of the rice. Maybe the weather is too hot for me to handle. Losing my appetite, even yesterday I had only sausage sandwich for lunch and very little rice for dinner. Maybe stomach is filled with water more than food.

While my mom and I are tormented by the heat… my brother enjoys his air-conditioned room the last two days.

Barely able to sleep during the hot nights, so sleepy now and hopefully able to grab a nap after lunch but lady boss is sitting at the workstation right at my 2 o’clock and chit-chatting with my other colleague. Dangit. Then again, there are CCTVs everywhere in my office… not likely to be a good idea to nap here. Hope it rains later for a bit at least to cool down the heat.

S.E.N.S - Aurora

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