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- 23rd Jul 2014

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today I found out a friend of mine been going through huge issues with family.

Has anyone heard of a mother who is alcoholic and when drunk gropes her own daughters? Well, I sure have not… I have seen them in the movies or read them in comics or newspapers, but who would of thought it was happening to people I know. So eventually, this time round the younger one decided to file report against the mother.

Another friend of my told me last time that his two sisters, older and younger (he is the second child) always get sexually molested and a few times raped by their own grandfather but they never file against the grandfather. According to my friend, they were too afraid… but they finally have after like 10 years of going through such trauma.

Today is hot, after it was raining for a whole half day yesterday heavily. What else could be worse? Air-conditioning in my office broke down. So sitting here now with a massive headache because of the heat... Not just that, I have been having diarrhea since KFC yesterday treated by my colleague who strike number. The chicken was so oily and tasted weird. One of my colleague went home cause he felt chills and feverish and he suspects it is the KFC too. The weird part is another friend of my, who had KFC yesterday too had diarrhea too. So it is the heat or the KFC problem? Who knows? Lol.

(Phone ringing, heels click clocking)

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