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Thursday, September 04, 2008

In Loving Memory Of Dominic Ch'ng

May You Rest In Peace, Dominic Today I got another sad news in my life.

(the late) Dominic Ch'ng, my friend, my good friend, my best friend... was like a life companion, both of us expected we would one day grow old and still crap the hell out of each other, teasing, bullying and being sarcastic to each other. But today, I know I lost a good mate. I lost a good challenge in my life. I lost a friend that I enjoy being with just sitting in a "mamak" stall and talking and laughing for hours.

The last I saw him was on 23rd August 2008 and I will never see him again.

Melissa tried to call me but I was in a meeting, returning to my workstation, I saw her messaged me. She told me (the late) Dominic have passed away on Tuesday due to Heart Attack. Left on Tuesday but (the late) Dominic's girlfriend only told us now. I am very upset with that, but I believe she is more depressed than we are.

At the age of only merely 30 years old, with a bright future ahead of him... he is now gone. I guess he now can play World Of Warcraft non-stop throughout the day without worrying about the need to eat, sleep, work or anything anymore.

Dominic, you have left too early. You left a lot of people who loves you. Why did you go? What happened? Would you care to enlighten me?
Dominic, even though you and I are always at each others nerves, but that is what keeps us going on and that is what keeps us being so close. I thank you for showing me so much, I thank you for being my friend, I thank you for everything you have with me. May you rest in peace. You will always be remembered and missed.

Love Always,

I feel the pain on my chest... I know it is the pain of losing a great friend. I have shed a few drops of tears... but I couldn't cry. It is painful... as though a rusty dagger is trying to pry its way out of my chest. I must endure... I know the late Dominic wouldn't want me to be sad... I will always remember him and his sarcastic comeback at me and his favorite middle finger action shoved my way when he can't beat me. I will always miss him.

I can't attend his funeral, sadly... it is all the way in Penang and his funeral is this Saturday 10:00am. Due to no transport, I can't be there to see him. Maybe it is for the good too... I can't bear to see him go... I might break down.

Take cares, Dom. You will always be remembered.

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Anonymous said...

Stumble across you blog and realise both of us share the same friend. I missed him a lot too. He is supposed to be my best man in my wedding but sadly it did not happen. I too were unable to attend his funeral as it was all too sudden and I am all the way in Australia. We have always chatted about growing old and imagining how both of our own kids will interact and telling jokes about the silly stuff we did when we were younger.

May he rest in peace.