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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Just passing by~

Well, I haven’t been blogging for a while now and I apologized as I have been busy with my life after my graduation. Yep heard it right… I have graduated from my Human Resource Management course. Got my certificate and I passed with a Distinction (Woo Hoo!)

Lookie lookie! There’s my Certificate!


(Name is blurred out for personal reasons)

Oh this is news long ago… but heck I was supposed to blog it and well, I got like lazy and it went overdue .

Well, I am allergic to Abalone. Yep you read that right! ABALONE!


(picture taken from thevince album)

Found that out during the Chinese New Year reunion dinner this year and was even admitted into the hospital for 4 hours or so for another incident where my mom cooked baby abalone soup. Was one of the worse… and I swear I am not touching abalone ever again, no matter or what ever my boyfriend will say .

I am going to close my entry for the day here. Tired from the day. Will try to blog more often. Lets hope I get the time and energy to do so .

Nitrus - Kamu

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