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- 23rd Jul 2014

Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Sunday At Home

I have been a good girl today… haha so I say . I woke up at 11am (wow I slept in ) and sat around a bit and then cleaned my toilet. It is clean now and I am glad it is. After the cleaning, I sat through the whole day playing game with a tummy cramp. But it was good, I had fun .

My brother cooked dinner tonight. Wow, spaghetti the sauce with prawns and meat. Like ? So Asian… meat should stay all meat, and seafood should stay all seafood… ruin the taste really… Oh well, he cooked to keep my tummy full… ate without complains… besides, not like I would dare complain to him, I have no intentions of having my bones broken into two by him.

Wow my friend sent me this video on YouTube. Really touching… here have a watch…

I cried when I watched this video… so very sweet, touching… warmth my heart up.

Well, I should be getting to bed now . Good night~.

ATB ~ Klangwelt

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