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Friday, May 02, 2008


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Today I was talking to a friend on MSN. He actually told me that in his MSN contact list, there are so many people, so many online, but only 2 to 3 person ever message him to say hi or to ask how is he and the 98% of the rest never bothers.

Then it occurred to me. In my MSN list, I have 100+ people in them, probably more, but I remember removing a number of them and left with about 50+ to 60+ added a few more new ones, today… I looked through my contact list again, to realized out of this remaining 50+ to 60+ people I have in my MSN contact list, I probably never have 99% of this people messaged me to say hi, or ask how am I doing unless I messaged them first. Or even so, I would have messaged them first, but they never would message me back in the future or so.

“Did I lose my friends” I asked.
“What did I do to lose them?”
Or it would be the other way round….
“What’s wrong with this people?”
“They don’t care anymore?”
“Are this people my friends?”

So my friend and I asked “Wonder how many of our friends would show up at our funeral if we die”
“Would our friends even know if we die?”

It is really a wonder… the question “What happen to our friends?” will always linger in our heads.

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