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- 23rd Jul 2014

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Early wake on a Holiday.

I woke up early today though it is a holiday . Like come on, what happen to those "I-want-to-sleep-in-on-workdays" mood? On a workday I am too lazy to get up, on a holiday I wake up earlier than I want to? What's better? The sun is not even shining through my curtains !
So since I woke up early, I figured I might as well blog and try to fix my blog up. I noticed my Neocounter is no longer visible. I wonder what happened to it . I have to put up a new one soon. Damn then all my counts would be no longer there .
So I am sitting in front of my computer, cracking my head trying to think on what to type in here, while I can hear my tummy growl. wonder if that was why I woke up . Ok I should go find food first. I might blog later.
Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett - Way Back Into Love

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