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Monday, May 12, 2008

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday, May 10, 2008
Last Saturday I went out with my two girl friends, Melissa and Nicole . We met up in OneUtama at the afternoon and we went to Shogun for Japanese Buffet Lunch. My first time eating there , yea imagine it has opened for so long I have never been there before . So it was a place so new to me, I feel like I am a frog under a well . Even Melissa have not been there before, so the first course we took was the fried food . Then Nicole asked us “Why you both not attacking the cold platter?” Melissa and I were like… . Lol, we did not know where it was, so went to the main course. Finally we went for the cold platters. Yummy~ Salmon, Tuna Sashimi.

After all the bundle of cold platters we ate… we were so full we couldn’t move . We ate a lot of ice creams. Met a few young girls probably in their teens being bitches . Nicole and I made sarcastic remarks towards them. My was direct “Aiyar, darling… you can’t blame them… it is their age” or something similar.

At about 3pm, we went shopping. Well, I went shopping . I bought two heels and of course was meant to look for shorts… but ended up getting a skirt for the sake of changing my tearing cut off jeans in order to go to Melissa’s grandmother’s birthday dinner. We weren’t really eating during the dinner, but Melissa’s aunt ordered Fried Sotong and Fried Pork Leg for us . Yes all fried food… (that is how I probably got sick now). Melissa’s young second cousin was funny. Such a good boy… doesn’t say no when we ask him to do things for us at his home and he got his mom’s looks. Damn cute… After the whole laughter in Melissa’s aunt house, we went home. I was dead tired… Showered and collapse…

Sunday, May 10, 2008

Woke up at about 8:30am and went prepared at about 9:30am to go out for dim sum with my family. Picked up my Eldest sister and my nephew, he was being mischievous this morning and not wanting to eat. After breakfast we went to Carrefour, well Subang Parade cause we did not shop in Carrefour.

I got myself a skirt there in Parkson and my sister got a top in Blook. My nephew did not get the game I promised him, cause when my brother bought him about, he did not know what to get. Besides, I don’t know what to get him either. Gameboy? I have one but it might spoil his eyes cause it has no light . Bleh will think of what to get him on his birthday.

ATB ~ Autumn Leaves

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