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- 23rd Jul 2014

Friday, September 21, 2007


I haven’t been here for some time now… been trying to catch up with life a bit and of course trying to turn my life around a bit… not like it is really working… but heck least I am trying. Maybe a little changed but I don’t see it.

Well, I have gone through my Labor Law and Industrial Relations exams… Damn it was hard. I was in a panic state that I was eating a lot… I must have gained a few millions kilos by now… (yea I did not weigh myself… I am scared )

So I bypass it… seems easy during the exams… now lets hope I got an A.

I got my results for the exam I took for Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Information System. Wow to my surprised, I scored ! I was expecting like B or C for these two papers… to my amazement, I got an A for both and high scores on them too. Wow~
Two more modules to go and I am well, a little off the hook… then I should be free. After that, time to venture off…

So I need to lose weight… I need to go swimming… maybe I should tomorrow… but it is boring swimming alone… it is a wonder how some people do it… Then I might… let see how hardworking I am tomorrow. I need to plant the determination of the need to lose weight in my brains. *Grabs a shovel and start digging holes* .

My sister who is a company secretary, kind of tested me on my studies with some cases yesterday. Was funny… I mean I was as surprised on how I am able to answer it as well. But due to me not being sure about it, I was not all that convincing… Well, once I get all over the noob process and move into the pro stage… then I will slam tables .

Right, so I should get a move to the part where I say I will write soon again… since, I am quite a little tired now, so I will go… guess I need to go swimming tomorrow. I will see you all soon!~

ATB ~ The DJ 3 in the mix (Didn't the last time, I had this song on too? )

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