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- 23rd Jul 2014

Friday, August 17, 2007


So the past few days have been uncalled for. My emotions currently are upside down, going on a roller coaster that never stops . I have been angry, sad, happy, crazy… even to the extent I don’t know what is going anymore.
I nearly lost a few friends… I nearly wanted to drop dead and wish everything would just be fine after I am gone… I nearly wish I never exist in this world. But I thank you (you know who you are) for being there for me when I am in need, when I am breaking down, when I am nearly at the state of never again to talk to anyone… you were there, making me feel better… I thank you.

Well, so for the pass 2 weeks I had one of my director’s notebook at my table. You see, he went overseas and told me to baby sit his notebook. So I had internet access unconditionally at work for the pass 2 weeks. Wow isn’t it grand huh? That was while it lasted… He just got back today, and by Monday the notebook returns to him. Though I know I still got places where I can go to access the internet but well, wouldn’t be as easy as the past 2 weeks . I had my fun while it lasted, I so need to be a good girl again at work .

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ATB ~ Peace = Illusion

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