My whole body is aching~
- 23rd Jul 2014

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Wow! I never realized we still have so many idiots in this world. Well, here am I bitching about my Sunday. Class blabla… fell sick while in class hahaha~ I wonder who brought in the virus. Anyhow, went for lunch with my classmates. We had chicken rice today instead of our usual mixed rice. The funny part is where this two Chinese guys behind my classmate and I talking in Chinese. You see my classmate is a Malay guy and well, I was wearing my turtle neck that day, so this two guys couldn’t see my cross necklace and probably mistook me for a Malay as well. It was funny, I was holding back at laughing when they spoke about my classmates and me. I wouldn’t mentioned here what they actually said, but I would add it was humiliation for them . When I was done getting my lunch, I turned around, looked at them and went “Well, the chicken chopper probably finds my classmate handsome.” in Chinese (that was part of something they said but nothing major. I just told them that to tell them, “Hey guess what, I understand Chinese.” Haha ). They gave me an astonish look. That teaches them not to talk crap so loudly.

I survived through my freaking nose and fever in class, Thank God; the lecturer let us off early as well. When I was leaving for the day , I noticed a few of my classmates as well as my lecturer, was sneezing and coughing too. Strong Virus spreading around class.

The journey home was pathetic; I had to travel all the way back home with my bloody sickness. I must add, today’s youngsters sure have no shame and respect for themselves. As I was on board the LRT to Kelana Jaya, I saw two young couples. One pair standing who was practically dressed like as though they are heading to some grand function, well… the point is they were so close to each other like honey and bees. Like Oh Ehm Gee!~ Stop touching each other in public!~ Then finally I got a seat (whoppee! Away from the couple in front of me) I get to see another pair whom is seated right across of me, messing about with each other. The guy kept putting the girl’s hand on his thigh . Looks like those two were about to start something . This two pairs was being horny huh ?

Finally arriving to Kelana Jaya Station, I can get on the bus to head home. As I was going to the spot to wait for the shuttle bus, this little girl whom is about 13 or so kept looking at me oddly. Well, I wasn’t the only one she kept looking at; she was looking at every female oddly. I wonder what is with her and gosh… I bet she’s a brat. She actually went to her mother and kept using her little pink handbag to lightly hit her mother and pouted. Damn did I want to slap her then . I told myself, if she looked at me oddly again, I was going to walk up to her mother and tell her mother to please teach her daughter some manners. Lucky she did not look at me again.

Well, just wanted to bitch about my Sunday . Gonna go start my night now and start making my evening a joy with me still feeling feverish .

DJ Encore feat. Engelina ~ Walking in the Sky

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