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- 23rd Jul 2014

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Good Evening,

I have been having some hard time waking up early lately… Damn I wish it is already the Chinese New Year Week. I am so tired that it is freaking me out. But yet I also wished it would be slower… The exam after Chinese New Year would kill me if it comes too soon. Been in a Zombie state for the pass two weeks now… *Talks like a zombie* “Me… want… human…meat...” LOL

I can’t do my assignment today. I left my thumb drive in the office . Great and I was really inspired to type today. Guess it is fated… how could I forget my thumb drive ? I must get a USB hub for my computer in the office… so when it is on the table I definitely wouldn’t forget that piece of thing. Am I supposed to take such breaks ? I got no time for such forgetfulness… Hmmm… It is probably fated. Oh well, break night for me to game tonight.

Good Bye~

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