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- 23rd Jul 2014

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Oh Ehm Gee !

Waking up feeling like I should clean my room . Now that’s the first time such things ever happened. I never like cleaning my room, cause it will in fact get all dusty again after 1 hour . But I just had to today… don’t ask me why… it is odd. Even I am surprise that I wanted to clean my room .

Well, I just finished cleaning my room up. Looks ok now… *waits for 1 hours* OMG it is dusty again!~ Meh!~ Least it is cleaner than before . I am going to go shower than rush out to the shop to get some things before my help is needed when a delivery is made this afternoon. Besides, I need my assignment finished which isn’t finished yet and I got like another one not started . Ok I better go before I waste more time.

ATB ~ Dedicated

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