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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thank You

I just got home from my outing with my two best friends. Really appreciate them spending the evening with me though I really wasn’t keen to go out at all tonight, but I am grateful because of their kind thoughts for accompanying me to have my birthday celebrated… First people to celebrate it with me, definitely my best friends I would say. Thank you both heaps !

Well, actually one of them called me up at about 5:00pm plus to ask me out for the night. Her reason to insist I come out… LOL it was funny… I knew from the start why she wanted me to come out and it got confirmed right after she came up with the excuse of a few reports of needing my help and that our other friend is helping her do her other two reports. That’s where I got my confirmation something was up and when I insisted I don’t want to go out… and hung up, Melissa called a few minutes later. Confirmation more confirmed LOL . Well, they showed me sincerity… so I went out in the end. I acted blur… and yes I WAS REALLY TIRED. So I saw what they were up to… going to the counter sneakily… Eventually they can’t act and hide things from me…
I continued to act as if I did not know; damn I so wanted to laugh … but mostly wanted to sleep. Throughout the night… a whole 3hours plus being there, my show was fun. But the cat got out of the box when I accidentally saw the message in one of my friend’s mobile when I wanted to see what games were there to play in her new mobile. Look who let the cat out .
At about 12midnight plus or minus, the Barista named Daniel brought a cake over with a candle and sang Happy Birthday to me.

I am joyful that they have thought of me. Though I was really freaking tired… but I enjoyed myself. Thank you both, Corinne and Melissa I really enjoyed myself tonight. Best Friends Forever !

P/S: Thank you to those who have wished me as well through various methods. Appreciate the thought.

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