My whole body is aching~
- 23rd Jul 2014

Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I am so freaking tired today… Lack of sleep… I have been busy at work until I did not have time for myself. Just when I get a little time to myself in the office, my colleague comes along and asks me on how to use her mobile phone..
I should charge for consultancy fees .

I have a desire to get a new mobile phone myself too… but sighs money is always the problem. If I could afford it, I would purchase the Sony Ericsson’s K800i or W710i.

Oh well, I have to face the fact that I cannot afford to change a new mobile phone this year. Just have to stick to using my very old faithful Nokia 8310.

I am going to go shower and clean up. Friends going to come pick me up for a drink in Starbucks tonight; I really did not want to go because I am really tired and I have to do my assignment. But after one another calling me… I gave in. Let’s see what they want me desperately out for tonight.

ATB ~ After the Flame

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