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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

First Entry of 2007

So I have been blogging for some time now. Sorry for the non update to those who frequent my blog. Days have been busy… In fact, I am still busy now. Have to rush my assignments, summarize my notes… Gosh and exam isn’t far away too. I swear I will panic my head off one day .

I remember the first day when I was class… I know no one; I was shy, quiet and practically a blur case. Today, I am one of the noisiest one , the one that can answers things, getting to know them all and having them enjoy my company but of course, I wouldn’t say I am good at what I am learning yet, least I am slightly coping in class. I am capable of least understanding 70% of what is said by the lecturer, capable of giving the meanings of the paragraph that is asked to decipher… only thing now is for me to be able to remember what was learnt in class for the days that I have gone through hahaha~ . I have doubts I can, but I will try my very best and not to give up.

I have gotten used to riding by bus to my classes now. I remember the first few classes on Sundays. I was groggy in the morning for waking up at 6:30am, I was tired from the whole journey of buses and commuters, I was blurring in class, I was more blur in class by afternoon, I was extremely tired by end of class, I was cursing by end of the day because I was about to collapse, even the journey home took 2hours plus because of rain and no bus.
But now, I would say though I am still cursing… but not because of all the above mentioned, because I am hungry when I am on my way home hehe~ . Even walking home from Summit at the late hours isn’t a problem to me now. I realized how much I enjoy the dark night more the daylight. Strolling home, listening to music, cool night wind blowing… Such peace and silent… (of course do not acknowledge the car sounds , or even passing vehicles honking trying to get my attention ) well, except when my tummy starts making funny noises only do I fasten my pace home.

I am not sure how everything is, or how everyone looks at me now… though not like it matters cause I would be happier if I only thought about myself. Anyhow, I feel like something in me is changing. I am not sure what yet… probably still a minor change only. But I hope it is for the good.
Well, I have blab enough for now… ooooh, I want to show off a bit .

There's no dirty things in my ear right ?

Look, my earrings… That’s what I put on, on the 30th December 2006 for my colleague’s wedding dinner. I took more pictures;
Looks like a studio picture yeah?
Can anyone see the makeup?
Yea I was cam whoring . Don't mind the bad photoshopping though... I can't make frames .
It is time for me to prepare for my outing with my mates to have a drink. I need a break from my assignments. Bye~

ATB ~ Trilogy Part 2

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