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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

First Day

Wow, class started on Sunday, 10th December 2006; it was a day that made me so tired I swear I never had worse .

My day started with me waking up at 6:30am. Getting ready for my journey and all, eventually time estimation ran off by a little and I was late out of my house. Only manage to get on a bus at 7:50am and my journey down to UM starts there. The journey to UM is ok, the wait was terrible and I was 30mins late for class .
Lecturer is good. Morning lecturer is Malay of course for the Module I am learning he will be my lecturer for the whole Module. He cracked jokes and tell funny things to un-bored us. It is a refreshing way of teaching us . The afternoon one was good as well. He played games with us to prevent us from falling asleep from listening to his babbles . I would say so far my class is ok.
Classmates were alright. We’re probably all still shy like first graders on a first day of class. There a lot of bank people. Eventually the bank paid for them to further their studies. How nice… I want that too . I have to admit though that my classmates are a lot of funny people. Friendly as well… Though I don’t know them yet… It is still the first day, I can’t judge it yet. Let’s wait after a few more classes then I can tell I hope .

Class ended early cause we manage to finish our chapter before 6:00pm. I was already at the bus waiting area by the time of 5:45pm waiting for the feeder bus to bring me to University LRT station. It started to drizzle and the feeder bus hasn’t arrived yet. Finally it came at 6:15pm. What is the use of getting off class early ? Anyway, the journey home took me about 2hours plus. I arrive home at 8:30pm. I had to walk home with a heavy document bag on my right shoulder, my water Tupperware on my left hand, the umbrella on my right. Yes it was raining. Walking home all the way from Summit… I bet more of these days, I will lose weight in no time. Isn’t so bad after all eh?
Arriving home hungry and cold, it was a day I am so tired that I knocked out the whole night from 12midnight to 12noon. I was so tired I even manage to sleep in the afternoon.

Even as of now, I am still feeling tired. I bet it is because I overworked myself again for improvising myself. It is worth it and I will strive harder to excel and achieve. But right now is time for me to go sleep . Good night and sweet dreams .

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