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Thursday, November 30, 2006

We talked

Amazingly, the colleague that I used to have a crush on, which he and I never really talk but we talked a lot today. Though it wasn’t much or long… but somehow it is more than any other days and he told me things that is meant to be kept a secret because it isn’t the right time yet. For him to trust me in such things when he and I barely know each other is really surprising. Least he and I finally seem nicer to each other haha~

Someone tell me… a guy friend of my might be going to somewhere far, eventually he and I might not see other again or anytime soon if he does agree to go. He told he might leave… I told him “It’s good to go far away… there are a lot of things to learn.”
“I am going really far away”, he replied.
“Yea, it is a good thing”
“I am going really far away”
*Looks at him oddly* “What? What you want me to say?”
*Him smiling*
“Say ‘Don’t go far away, don’t leave me alone’?” *with fake tearing sound effects*
*him making fake tearing sound effects with me* (hahaha )
What would he mean by those… it hit me when I left his car that was he trying to tell me that he will be leaving but wants me to tell him to stay? Or was he really playing with me? Though I think he is playing with me… Like come on, if he is really interested in me… he would have done something and not that to give me hints so I can make my move. Which eventually, I don’t think I will ever… I think a rejection from him in the past is good enough to prove me wrong to make my move again with him.
Someone tell me… what should I think or do? He gives me mix signals. *sighs*

Time for me to go bed now, darn tired after my badminton game today. Night all~

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