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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Make Me Old Dinner

I went to a friend’s wedding dinner yesterday. In fact it isn’t the first… I had had a few this months… Like wow!~ So many people are getting married suddenly… (makes me feel old ).

In fact the wedding I went to yesterday, is one of my ex boyfriend. I am happy for him as he has finally found someone he is willing to tie the knot with. Wife is beautiful… especially love to see them both together… through out the dinner, both of them never left each other’s side and even when they sat on the table eating, they were laughing all the time… Such a happy loving couple… But it is just the beginning? Though I know this ex of my, is really a sweet guy. He would definitely love his wife a lot… Let’s hope I am not wrong cause people do change? Though I doubt it cause he still seem the same person to me.
It was a night I enjoyed… Too bad I did not get to catch up with the Groom instead with his buddy that I think wants to come after me . I bet he doesn’t know there was a reason why I did not show interest in him last time when he tried during the young days of my… because he is like so desperate and for crying out loud… he is so full of himself! He kept praising himself… and kept saying things to try to make me praise him! I wasn’t dumb… and I wouldn’t praise him at all. I just twist and turn my words so avoid being nice . Enough of him… gives me the creeps talking about such people.

Oh well, so many people are tying the knot now…
“When it is your turn?” people asked me a lot.
“*Laughs* Well, who wants me?”
“You’re so pretty, it is impossible that no body wants you.”
“If I am really that wanted, wouldn’t I be the one marrying and you at my wedding dinner?” (Ok I did not say that to all people only some *lol*)
“*Laughs softly* kidding, *smiling like a kid* No body want me, but don’t worry when someone wants me, I will make sure you know about it.”
*More light laughs on both parties* Topic ended… That’s one way to cut the topic short. That is if unless that guy isn’t trying to get himself into my so called long queuing line, else he will keep bringing it up… and I swear I will hit someone who brings it up more than 4 times (please do not follow my ways unless you are sure you do not need him after ).

Seeing so many people get married makes me feel old. It is like… these bunch friends are my teenage friends… and to hear or see one by one getting married. It is because we’re getting older like I see it… or because they’re getting itchy too soon ? Ok that was a joke, but seriously… I feel old… I should avoid such dinners in the future so I don’t feel so old . *Starts going to Twinkles 2 and join the kids in slides *

Well, since I did not get enough sleep yesterday due to the whole pub session after the wedding dinner… and me reaching home having the sleeping problem; I shall go to bed now. Adios~

Sting ~ A Thousand Years

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