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Monday, November 20, 2006

Love and Life

I read an article in the papers today, from the TheStar newspaper in the Interactive@thestar column. I got to admit it meant a lot. It was so sweet, touching…

“True love is being able to overlook the changes that occur in your spouse through the years. Your wife’s hourglass figure may be replaced with a pear-shaped one, and your husband’s athletic built may give way to a large potbelly. Wrinkles will line faces and hairlines will recede drastically.
But in the end of it all, when good health and vigour are replaced with ailments and sickness, if both of you are still together this spells true love.”
- a part taken from it

Really meaningful, but you click and read it… A Lesson on Love and Life by drjohn

Amazing reader blog, I have never read something as meaningful as this before from someone’s mind. I wonder how old is the blogger ? For someone to be able to write such and produce such warm feelings in his writing, I bet a much matured mind person.

Now what do you think of it? I personally think, it was all true because after all looks isn’t everything… it changes in time… or even when your love one has t go through an accident and all those great looks could be gone… what then? Leave him/her and find another… so much for true love then haha~
So it is “Love the person for who he/she is and not for what he/she looks like.” Now that phrase has always been true… (somehow I feel that the phrase seems wrong hehe~ Correct me if you know a better one )

After reading it, my heart is all warm… now doesn’t that give a lot of people a mind on love?

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