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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Skirt... Mom

Well, hellloooooooo there!~ Long time no hear! Ok fine it should be the other way round .

The most embarrassing and freakish thing happened to me today. Well, it isn’t really the first but not like it has happened a lot either. Then again it is only the 2nd time *lol* .

I was on my out for lunch, colleagues waiting for me and I got into the car… Then I felt like my zipper is down, so I reached for my skirt zipper and zipped it up but the unfortunate happens. The zipper broke and my zipper starts to open up . I told my colleagues and since we were already quite some distant from the office, I just asked them if they could drive me home and let me change my skirt. Agreed, and we are on our way back to my house. I tried calling my mom since I did not take my house keys, but to no success I couldn’t get through to my mom’s mobile or the house.
Assuming she should be home, I arrived at the house to see her sandals outside which means she’s home. I knocked on the door and screamed but no one answered. I knock harder almost banging the door down and still no one answered. I peeked through my living room window to see if her house keys are at the usual place, which it is there.
I started panicking as to why her house keys are inside, but no one is answering me. Worried that mom fainted or maybe she’s injured… I called my colleague in the office for help to bring me my house keys. I used up a lot of talk time on my other colleague’s mobile, cause I left my mobile in the office. My neighbors started to come out and see what’s going on. They started to panic with me when I explained to them. No one saw my mom… I kept trying to call my mom’s mobile, dead tone; I called for her, no answer; then another neighbor came out to see what’s going on. She told me that my mom went out with my brother . I was all relieved! My brother did not go to work and my mom went out with her.
Then is occurred to me, maybe something is wrong with my mom. I called my brother and it rang so long and so many times, he did not answer the call. I started to panic again. My brother called back finally, and I was glad to know my mom and he actually just went to a Chinese Doctor about my mom’s sore hands.
I nearly cried out there ! Freaking out… Eventually I am glad nothing happened to her. Finally my other colleague came to drop me my key and mobile phone. I got in to change my skirt and my other two colleagues came to pick me up to return to the office.

It has made me see that, how much I love my mom and if she really was injured or collapsed inside the house with no help, I don’t know what would happen then. But I don’t think I want to think about it now. I am all freaked out still each time I do. I will have to call my sister to talk to her one day. Let’s hope this day wouldn’t happen for real.

With all the false alarm I actually nearly forgot about my skirt zipper until I felt air going in me . Looking on the positive side, it was kind of funny because I made everyone else worried with me about my mom .

Well, gonna go own some games now. Until further notice .

DJ Tiesto ~ Close To You

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