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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Deteriotion and "THAT" Woman

Yea yea… I haven’t been here . Not really much to say though.

I have been falling sick a lot lately. I guess my health is deteriorating. I fell sick last week, got slightly better and fell sick again over the weekend. Eventually that is when it got worse. Coughing non-stop, nose kept dripping, fever coming and going. I went to the doctor on Sunday night. They tell me the same old thing when I ask, why do I keep falling sick, “Throat Inflammation, your Immune system is bad” Yeah so if you can say that, HOW ABOUT DOING SOMETHING TO LIKE MAKE MY IMMUNE SYSTEM GOOD?! Sheesh .
Well, they stuck me with a bundle of pills and send me home with an MC for Monday. Pop pills, still coughing like the world is coming to an end (oh wait, me coming to an end ), nose dripping like water tap leakage… Go back to work on Tuesday still feeling pathetically ill… Wake up on Wednesday with fever, coughing got worse, nose blocked, throat hurts and to the doctor again I went. Doctor threw me another bundle of pills which is stronger from the previous batch (More pills to choke down my poor aching throat). Oh I lost my voice with all the coughing. I sound sexy now .
(The funny part of visiting the doctor the second time) It isn’t the normal doctor that is for sure, the regular one is a Singh and the one replacing him is a Chinese called Dr. Khoo. Well, when I went in and sat down, I was already coughing non stop, he looked at me and kind of back a little away from me (ROFL!). When he checked my throat… (You know when they hold the torchlight thing and that ice cream look alike stick to hold down your tongue… YES THAT!) he was so far away I wonder if he really saw my throat (DOUBLE ROFL!) . Even when I told my colleagues today they were laughing (ROFL ROFL ROFL ). So much for being a DOCTOR.

Right that’s about me being sick. Who wants to hear my sexy voice?! Ok maybe not .

Now to vent anger… So tell me, who would like that someone have problems with you or issues but she kept being nice to you all the time without you knowing she had issues towards you? What’s worse is that person already broke your trust once. Well, I don’t!
This woman whom I thought is my friend, but to find out later that she never did like me from the very first day she met me, accuses me of things I did not do but yet she treats me nice like anybody else until I found out of course, everything between us went sour. That’s the first time, but when I found out, I lost my trust in her. So just recently, she was again being all nice to me as though like everything is ok again… since she is friends with my other two friends who are close to her; and after all they say she is really trying to change; I decided to give her another chance… slowly she gained my trust by a little and out of a sudden, she threw that same mean bitch attitude towards me again… but this indirectly! I am not freaking stupid for sure… But since my other friend told me not to start a fight I just told her off “If you hate me so much just say it and not act like you like me!” and left. Honestly, I am not just angry… I am hurt and disappointed as well. It isn’t easy for me to trust people, and when that person breaks my trust, it is not easy to gain it back either. She got that chance to gain my trust back because my other two friends convinced me she is changing. So before the old pain could heal, she made more damage to the wound. I feel so stupid that I trusted the same person wrongly twice and get hurt.
I told my other two friends that she will not get that chance with me anymore and she isn’t going to get any respect from me either. In anytime, I feel like she is wrong, I will just tell her off. I feel bad though that my two friends are stuck in the middle of that woman and me. I don’t know what to do really… if I treat that woman badly my two friends will have to face her, but if I don’t means I am giving in to her. I thought of leaving my two friends so I don’t get them involve in any situation that woman and I would go through, but it is right? Wouldn’t that make her win as well? What should I do? Can anyone tell me?
I just wish that woman would just be dead or just of my life.

Ok, I think I have said enough. Tune in for more of me . I will go shower now. I will blog again next time.

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