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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Flash Back

Monday, 5th June 2006:

Has anyone ever had their skirt or pants zipper undone in public? Well I just have that happen to me . I was walking to work and felt that I was kind of getting wind at the back of my skirt where the zipper was. So I reach for my zip to my surprise it is slightly undone, almost half my zipper . The worse part, , there’s a guy right behind me . I thought to myself “Great. How did my zipper get undone?” and slowly pushes it up but did not manage all because my left hand was holding my water bottle, my breakfast and my mom’s cookery pot lid. So I kept on pulling my shirt down to cover the rest of the undo part from eye view. After some distance of walk, I worked up my courage and pulled my zipper up all the way. I hope that guy did not notice . *lol* when I realized my zipper is halfway undo, I felt like hiding then . It was embarrassing.

So my day went on and there this one time of the day, I went to the toilet. After my business, of course I got out of the toilet, but right before that, I realized the toilet door isn’t lock and was slightly ajar ! When I came out I was Thanking God that no one came along and pushed the door while I was inside else, it would be a sight to see! What was worse was that my 2 male colleagues were right outside the door. Oh My Gosh can ?

It was a day of me flashing myself?

Tuesday, 6th June 2006:

Has any female ever wonder why does a guy keep stealing glances at you? If you haven’t, I don’t care!~ I wanna know why guys keep stealing glances at the female when they think the female isn’t looking and yes they know each other. Anyone can tell me?

A few of my friends, even some guy friends say it could be this guy likes the girl but daren’t tell her and keeps admiring her from a far. Some even say he lust over her *lol*. But what do you say?

Aight, I am asking this because I have this colleague whom I used to have a crushed on and he has been stealing glances at me ever since I knew him. How would I know? Well, because I stole glances at him from the mirror when he thought my back was facing him and looked at me but I saw it without him realizing .

Someone tell me… please.

Today, 7th June 2006:

The funniest thing happened today. It all started when this female colleague of mine made a remark of this male colleague (Colleague 1) who is in his twenties;
Female 1: So young yet hands shake like an old man.
Me: Ever think why a male’s hands shake so much?
My female colleague shook her head
Me: Well, I don’t know if it is true or not, but a friend of mine once said because it was too much masturbation. .
So the female colleague laughed and the guy snickered.
Me: I really don’t know, because there was once this guy from my Counter Strike group friends… we played long hours and when we had lunch together we saw his hand shaking vigorously so we asked him why does it shake so much since we played about the same length of hours in the cyber café and he answer was because he masturbated too much .
Then another colleague of my whom is slightly elderly, heard it and said out loud;
A near by male colleague went "Aiyor" and hid himself while the rest of us laughed so loud because that statement was said a tad too loud *lol*.
Me: No… Hands shake because of too much masturbation. I don’t know if it true, I was told that way.
and continued laughing.
Colleague 1: *laughs* masturbates 10 times a day?
Me: Who knows? It could be
Elderly Colleague: 10 times a day?! That one not just hand shake, leg also shake! Too weak already!
We all started laughing mad.

Wonder if my boss heard him said it so loud .

Ok… Time to end now, go shower then pack for my game tomorrow. See you all soon !~

Hoobastank ~ If I were you

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