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- 23rd Jul 2014

Sunday, June 04, 2006

[Just An Entry]

Aight… Haven’t been here for like forever now. Health is, well going down the drain. Having constant headaches and such, my friend suspects I might be diabetic *lol* and since I am constantly having dizziness, colleagues thinks I have low blood pressure. Riiiight~

Work is as usually busy. Ever since I have been encouraged by my superior to learn more of what I could, she is willing to teach she says yet I don’t seem to be doing much .

So as for my health, I went for a blood check just so I can be sure I am not diabetic, results would be out on Tuesday.

I went for X-Men 3: The Last Man Stand yesterday night. It was definitely fascinating! I wouldn’t mind watching it again. Though I have to say, they altered the original storyline from the comics or cartoons. It was a worth a watch in THX Cineplex. I so am gonna buy the DVDs .

Well, sitting here being bored out of my mind. I guess I should go find something to do. There’s nothing much to tell of now. Life is boring as of now. Might get more interesting when I begin my studies again. Will keep you update on that.

Oh sorry to those who constantly come back to check my blog to find it not updated. I will try to update more often. Though I really don’t know what to blog about anymore *lol* .

Well, see you all soon.

Nitrus ~ Kamu

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