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Thursday, April 27, 2006



Has anyone other than me encountering frequent disconnection? It has been happening to me since 15th April 2006 when the rain poured down hard in my area all day. Eventually calling Streamyx wasn’t much help. It seems that it wasn’t their port or jumper that is causing the interruptions. Called Streamyx so much, I think they got all so fed up with me *lol*.

So after all the calling, having their technician here to check and sorts, I found it might not be their jumper but the telephone line. Somehow if the telephone line is unstable which you will hear static while on the phone and sorts, it would cause disconnection to your internet (yea call me dumb I never knew ). So I called Telekom yesterday morning. Knowing them, I don’t think I would have it fix by this weekend.

It is getting me all fed up. I might crack open and start going crazy , maybe start going around murdering .

Anyone heard of the new eBnet connection? I checked their website and it seems to be quite attractive. You guys check it out and let me know what ya think.

I am tired now, went for badminton just now, so I am beat. Going to head to bed early and especially since the internet wouldn’t let me do much. I will see you all soon (I hope ). Byee~

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