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Tuesday, April 25, 2006



It has been ages since I blog. The whole me being busy thing isn’t really giving me much time. Eventually when I do have time, I am trying to relax playing games else I would be chatting with my mates or out in a mamak stall.

Well, here I am now. I will summarized most of what I have missed blogging. So...

Well, Lady Boss’ Saloon got this tea thing for diet. Another colleague drank it and has lost about 6kgs in a week. Wow? Amazed? I was too… so what the hell, I bought the pack to try. Still at the testing period, but have to admit it has detoxified me to a great length only at the 3rd pack of tea. I am not sure if it is me or is the tea really working though but I can feel my face smoother. I will consume it further and see how it goes .

Been sick for 3weeks since 3rd April 2006; fever came on and off which was definitely irritating the hell out of me. Went to see my company’s panel doctor, have him to tell me that I have Viral Fever. Throwing me a bundle of pills sure did not work. When I went back to him for the second time, I was coughing like mad and flu wasn’t getting any better. Fever was still coming home to as it likes treating me like a hotel. Finally putting me on a course of antibiotics, I am all better now. Let’s just hope my fever doesn’t come. The doctor says if it does, he will have to check my blood for any major viral.

Not like I am getting much of that *lol*, so basically as usual still so insomniac .

Been up to my neck as always; Deadlines are catching up on me instead of me catching up to them *lol*. Have to bring my work home almost every day of the first 3weeks of the month. It is beginning to look like I work from home now .

Well, practically in short it is like that. Work, sleep, work, sleep, gaming, sleep, watch series/movies… with an additional being out a lot with this mate of my… We got a lot of catching up to do since he left to USA and just got back not long. We enjoy each other’s company and that is the most important thing.

Well, I should end it here now. I need to go shower and maybe sit more in front of my computer watching newly loaded movies. Or it could be old but I just haven’t seen it . See you all soon.

All American Rejects ~ Dance Inside

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