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- 23rd Jul 2014

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Passing by the 2 hours in darkness just 45mins ago . It was a thought of joy earlier... don't ask me why but after I showered, the darkness seem wonderful . Was spamming my friend whom is in Holland on his mobile phone . He couldn't be on the comp either so we decided to spam each other for entertainment . The darkness sure lasted for 2hours. From wonderful it went to *piak* mosquitoes, *piak again* more mosquitoes. So much for wonderfulness of the darkness . Eventually it start to get warm... with mosquitoes bugging the life out of me I got annoyed . Lied down on my sofa and nearly dozing off . Decided to get back to my room and sleep . About 15mins later, the power came back on. I sat here jumping from blog to blog. So here I am now blogging about what just happened in my chair, with the fan blowing, in the darkness . I will go to bed now. Sleepy~ Night all .

Ian Van Dahl ~ Reason

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