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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Tuesday Night Out

It all started with a message I got from Chloe on Monday morning asking if I am free to go out on Tuesday night at about 10pm plus for a “mamak” session before the Chinese New Year Holidays. So I said sure after all I am on leave on Wednesday… Dentist appointment for scaling and I think there’s a hole in my tooth .

Anyway, so Tuesday obviously came (duh if it did not my days are messed up ), the day wasn’t all too bad… I got a free hamper from a warehouse sale I was at last week, and had a good 10hours sleep Monday night. Awaiting for Pikey, Caren and Chloe’s arrival, I was playing game as usual . Went to grab my shower at about 9:30pm came out and saw Caren’s message saying “Arriving in ten minutes.” Shut off my comp, go downstairs, and waited for their arrival. Caren arrive shortly eventually she wasn’t so good. I got worried and said should have cancelled the whole thing and she should be at home resting. She did not say anything…

Well, before I get too detailed and make everyone fall asleep reading *lol* , I shall go on further ahead. Arriving at Tanjung, USJ 9, walking in… I saw Pikey; I sort of laughed when I saw him… he look so cute with his current hair style now . Ok I did not sort of laughed, I laughed . Now I feel so bad… but omg he looks so cute . We ate, we drank, we talked, and we laughed… then out of a sudden Chloe got up and went off somewhere. I was asking and no body answered, then she came back… with a cake, I was like ? She walked up and said “This is for you.” I am like . Wishing me a Happy Birthday I was overjoyed (yes it is early, my birthday isn’t due yet for those who knows ).

To cut things short, candles was put in, lighted up, pictures taken, candles blown out, more pictures taken (I want all the pictures, Chloe!), cake was cut, eaten… Laughter up to tear streaming out my eyes (no I wasn’t crying cause of sadness, it was tears of joy ok ?), I had a lot of fun. Thank you all! It was so thoughtful and it got me excited. I am proud to have you all as my friends.
Well, am going to head to bed… tired and of course I don’t think dozing at the dentist while he is drilling at my teeth is a good idea .
Thank you all! I really appreciate it and I don't know how to put it into words. Well, you all saw my actions. LOVE YOU ALL!
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