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- 23rd Jul 2014

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Me Crapping~

Chinese New Year is coming soon… only another 2 more days to go and we will have our first day of the Lunar Calendar. Have everyone done all their shopping yet? I have done my shopping though not all, missing out on my sport shoes, high heels for work and my jeans . Well, I can get them after Chinese New Year.

Ooooh, I went to the dentist yesterday. It was a she instead of me thinking it was a male. She did a good job on my scaling and Thank God I do not need filling for my teeth… yeah have been having this sore on the right side of my teeth. Fortunately it isn’t a hole in my tooth but then again, I was advised to remove it… yes remove the tooth which is my Wisdom Tooth. It is causing my gums to be swollen and when I chew on the right side which puts pressure on it, it aches. Dr. Lim tells me that wisdom does not serve a purpose like our other teeth. So honestly why do we even have Wisdom Teeth ? Just so we can torture ourselves with it by accidentally biting on our inside cheek while the dentist can make more money removing it? Crappish thing…

Anyway, she did a good job at not hurting me like mad with my sensitive gums. The previous dentist I went for scaling back last year, was extremely lousy. With a flinched when he hurt me at my gums, he did not clean that part anymore . I vow not go back to him again. Well, Dr. Lim is so far great. Praise her for a job well done .

Today has been a tired day for me. Busy rushing my work such as all the statutory for January 2006 salaries (and it isn’t fully done yet ), and all the other monthly payments. Tired can? After Chinese New Year E form begins and account closing (HeLp! ) with auditors coming ... The fun begins .

Well, think I will go shower now and take my rest. I shall crap on more when I can. Adios!~

DJ Tiesto ~ Trance Nation (this trance "rocks")

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